Hot Links! In Which Professor McGonagall Starts the Best Band Ever

Plus: Katy Perry's 'Daria' nails, Julianna Margulies and more stars who don't age, and more!

Hot Links! In Which Professor McGonagall Starts the Best Band Ever

Plus: Katy Perry’s ‘Daria’ nails, Julianna Margulies and more stars who don’t age, and more!

-Lucia Peters

McGonagall guitar

Those of us who were a certain age during a certain era have fond memories of the television show Daria. In honor of this fabulous and much-missed show, we bring you Katy Perry’s Daria nails. They’re WAY better than Sick, Sad World! (The Gloss)

Is it just us, or do some stars (like Julianna Margulies) just not age? Even freakier, are they aging in REVERSE, Benjamin Button-style? Examine the evidence here! (The Frisky)

Remember that time Professor McGonagall rocked out harder than anyone else? Man, did she know how to shred! Good times. (P.S. More epic Photoshop here!) (The Berry)

Can it be? Is there really a virus that kills acne? Science for the win! (YouBeauty)

Looks like the television single leading lady is evolving! From The Mindy Project to Nashville, here’s some of what we’ve got to look forward to. Hoorah! (TresSugar)

For those of you who think true love is dead: This is the most incredible real-life love story told in 22 pictures. Seriously—you HAVE to check this out. We shall say no more in the event of spoilers. (HowAboutWe)

We’ve just made a new discovery that will negate the need for you to change up your beauty essentials ever again. AERIN Essentials, consider us sold! (BeautyBloggingJunkie)

In Michigan, a real-life version of Carrie just played out—except that instead of telekinetically killing her whole school, the girl in question rose above it all in the most glorious way possible. Good for you, Whitney Kropp! (The Gloss)

So apparently Target is selling an American Horror Story “Rubber Man” costume this Halloween. Shudder. No thank you! (The Frisky)

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