Hot Links: Is 'Marky Mark' Making a Comeback?

Plus, Jake Pavelka makes his acting debut and Renee Zellweger induces boredom.

Hot Links: Is ‘Marky Mark’ Making a Comeback?

Plus, Jake Pavelka tries his hand at acting and Renee Zellweger induces boredom.

-Carolyn French

 Mark Wahlberg

The Other Guys star Mark Wahlberg would be willing to dust off his mic if Justin Bieber wanted to collaborate! (PopEater)

Check out the 2010 social networking map! Wow, we sure do spend a ton of time tweeting and adding apps to our Facebook accounts. (

Acting is just lying, which is probably why Jake Pavelka did an “incredible” job on an episode of Drop Dead Diva. (Us Magazine)

Lindsay Lohan’s sis and mother are taking advantage of the rehab veteran’s personal assistant. A tad shady, non? (Celebuzz)

Hell’s Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay will hit the roof when he discovers that his former mistress is planning a juicy tell-all! (RadarOnline)

Does anyone else think Renee Zellweger needs to change up her lackluster ‘do? (ICYDK)

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  1. ramsey is just a loud mouth jerk I had seen parts of his show the f-word with his family and i thought he was a family man oft wondered with all the shows he does how much time he had to spend with his family used to watch his show’s but could not stand the screaming all of the time,but quit watching because of all of the above but he hit a new low with me how can someone that busy really have a family life. If this is really all true I hope she takes him to the bank. Luv ya Betty thanks for all of the scoop’s

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