Hot Links! Marie Antoinette's $57K Pair of Shoes

Plus: Zombie Disney Princesses, baby koalas, and more!

Hot Links! Marie Antoinette’s $57K Pair of Shoes

Plus: Zombie Disney Princesses, baby koalas, and more!

-Lucia Peters

Marie Antoinette

What would you do if you lived in Queen Sophie-Anne’s home from True Blood? Because it’s for sale, if you’re interested… (TheGloss)

Let’s trade wardrobes and call it even, shall we? (The Berry)

Should you stay married for the sake of the kids—even if the marriage isn’t working? Weigh the pros and cons. (YourTango)

It seems like just about everything will remove nail polish except actual nail polish remover, doesn’t it? This handy chart might help find a substitute. Or it might not—but it’s funny all the same! (The Frisky)

Gasp! Could it be? Is your booty call turning into an actual relationship? Here’s how to tell. (HowAboutWe)

A pair of Marie Antoinette’s mules just went for a whopping $57K at auction! More wacky auctioned goods of iconic women here! (TresSugar)

Willow Smith changes her ‘do more often than most people change their outfits. Does her new neon yellow hair remind anyone else of a certain cartoon character? (BeautyBloggingJunkie)

Look! Zombie Disney Princesses! (TheGloss)

It’s Thursday. You know what you need? Baby koalas. You’re welcome. (The Berry)

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