How Could You?!

Sofia Wisher is the 23rd child to die this year due to parental neglect, and I'm beside myself.
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How Could You?!

Sofia Wisher is the 23rd child to die this year due to parental neglect, and I’m beside myself.

-Carolyn French

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On one particularly sweltering evening I gave my neighbors a reason to relocate after I read a news story and began screaming at the top of my lungs – “HOW COULD YOU??!”

I normally reserve that tone for instances such as Jennifer Aniston jumping into Player Mayer’s bed for the umpteenth time, but this was bad. Really freaking bad.

A couple based in Antioch, California (roughly 49 miles from my home) left their 7-month-old daughter in their car … overnight … and she died.

I had tears streaming down my face and a lump in my throat the size of Italy while picturing little Sofia Wisher, alone in that car, for fourteen hours.

This wasn’t a case of a mother dashing back into the house for 30 seconds to retrieve a teething ring. This was unforgiveable.

But you want to know what prompted me to tell each and every one of my friends and family members about this horrifying tale? The fact that Sofia’s parents, who were supposed to love her and cherish her and take care of her, essentially got off scot-free.

The headline of the article said ‘No charges for parents who left baby in hot car.’

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0 thoughts on “How Could You?!

  1. absolutely heartbreaking – they should be charged with neglect – at least the 2 year old has been removed – and as much as they might be devasted at their loss, no amount of tears will bring that angel back – some things cannot be taken back or undone – my prayers for that little one who shall now forevermore never feel fear, lonliness or pain ever again and shall remain an angel – my prayer for the parents will be that this tragedy teaches them what a moment – a moment – of not paying attention to your children may cost you – put your children before ALL else – always – in every way –

  2. I’m sorry but how the hell do you not notice when it’s time to put your child to bed??? To feed them? You have a house with children and you don’t hear them, for hours!! I don’t even have children and when I’m around them and I don’t see or hear them I automatically kick into Mom Mode. These people should rot in jail.

  3. Disgusting! This makes me sick. I agree with others who say how could they not have noticed when it was time to feed the baby. These parents should be charged with neglect!!!!

  4. i’m sorry, but how could they not notice; i would put my kids to bed, feed them breakfast, dress them, etc. Their dad was kiss them goodnight too and tell them bye before work the next morning — something is not adding up here. This is inexcusable.

  5. i agree with cremebrulee!! something definately doesn’t add up. what kind of parents are they?? a baby that age should be watched constantly!! they didn’t even think about where she was for 14 HOURS. crackheads.

  6. How is it possible that your life is soooo busy, that you don’t miss your 7 month old. Until 14 hours have passed.I get sick when I read about Dads who forgot to go to daycare before they went to work. This is no ‘tragic mistake’. I’m so mad I can’t even type right.

  7. Do you have children? I’m just curious, because I have four. And I remember one night when my husband, dead tired from hours at work and not enough sleep, operating on autopilot, picked up our baby from daycare and went to the supermarket. He was in the store for almost a half-hour before he realized that our son wasn’t with him. It was winter and night-time, thank goodness, no overheated car, and our baby was fine: he’d fallen asleep. My husband was beside himself, of course. But when I read these stories I think tragedy, not villany. Before you-all break your arms patting yourself on the back and feeling self-rightous by demanding jail time for these parents, consider the times that you have been stupid from exhaustion; consider that these parents will have to live for the rest of their lives blaming themselves for their child’s death, and you might consider the phrase “there but for the grace of G-d….”

  8. i agree its just as bad as story in ca a few years ago two parents left there baby in a car and dident notice till it was to late worst part they were both college professors just goes to show our educational system is really bad and that evean the ones that are suspoted know better dont give a shit and they dont treat there kids better than all us uneducated blue collar workers living check to check and we dont have nannys and stuff to raise our kids for us

  9. oh and . Kronrod yes i got kids never have i forgotten about them neither has there dad no matter how tired you get outta the car how fing stupid do you gotta be to rember hey i put the kid in his carseat i need to let him out come on you dont forget kids icecream yes kids no how do u think a normal person would not notice no matter how tired i feel bad for ur kid and your husband needs to get fixed before he has another people like this need to be fixed like dogs so they will stop breeding and having kids they cant care for or arent ready to man up and take responsibly for

  10. I have such a problem with the “I forgot” excuse. I’ve forgotten to put on deodorant, forgotten to pick up milk, often forgotten why I’ve entered a room. But I have never forgotten that I had my child in the car. I just don’t get it…

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