How Kate Middleton's Life Is Now Forever Changed

The wedding ceremony of the century is over - but its impact on Duchess Catherine will be felt for the rest of her life.
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How Kate Middleton’s Life Is Now Forever Changed

The wedding ceremony of the century is over – but its impact on Duchess Catherine will be felt for the rest of her life.

-Faye Brennan

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A common remark we’ve all been hearing during this royal wedding frenzy is, “I would not want to be Kate Middleton.” Granted, no one would want all the world’s attention and pressure on them to be absolutely perfect on their wedding day – that is an unbearable load to bear. But, even though the wedding was by all appearances, perfection, most people still wouldn’t want to be “Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge” (even with that incredible dress!).

Why? Well, once she exchanged vows with Prince William, her life changed forever. It’s the plight of any celebrity who encounters fame, but it’s of a completely different magnitude for Kate. She’s now royalty, and with that comes new responsibilities, rules, and restraints. We asked Daniel Willis, a royal genealogist and author of William IV, Mrs. Jordan, and the Family they Made, as well as Eloise Parker, Royals Watcher and OK! Magazine Features Editor, for their expert input on what Duchess Catherine has to look forward to now. Here’s what they had to say:

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1. She’s now the press’s number one target.
Princess Diana and the princesses before her had to deal with it, and Catherine is no exception.  The press has already been watching her every step, and that will only increase now that she’s the Duchess of Cambridge.

“They will scrutinize whatever she decides to wear on any given day, her shoes, her makeup, hair style, even her mood,” says Willis. “If she shows the slightest annoyance at all of the media around her, they will comment on her ‘bitchiness.’ If she’s seen in public in jeans and tennis shoes, the press will inevitably call it a reminder of her ‘common’ roots. She has to learn to either totally ignore whatever they say about her, or take on the attitude of simply not caring.”

2. Security is now a necessity… everywhere.
Say goodbye to private time with friends and family, dear Kate. “She’ll be accompanied by at least one security guard wherever she goes now,” says Parker. “At the wedding, Will and Kate had 4 security staff each.”

Prince William may already be well-accustomed to this need for security, but Kate will surely feel the change when a simple shopping trip becomes an ordeal.

“The management at the shop will be notified ahead of time,” says Willis. “It will close for regular customers, and then she will come in with her police protection. When other celebrities close down stores, it is about self-indulgence. When a store closes for a royal, it is mostly about personal protection.”

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  1. That would be really hard to adjust to if all of a sudden I had to celebrate all the holidays completely differently. There’s something nice about having family traditions continue from your childhood all the way through adulthood.

  2. Hi K S — thanks for pointing out that we had mistakenly referred to Kate as “Princess.” We fixed our error and appreciate your feedback. It is definitely not our policy to delete comments unless they violate our user policy; we apologize for the mistake in deleting yours. As always we welcome your continued enthusiasm!

  3. I can’t even imagine how strange it would be to be Kate or William or any of the royals! Actually it’s hard to believe we even still have “royals”!’

  4. I heard this morning on the news that her family will be “freezed out” of her life. I find it frightening that she can only have minimal contact with her parents, brother and sister.

  5. In this social media age with phones that can take pictures and movies, twitter, foursquare,blogs and a 24 hour news feed, no one who is famous can ever have any privacy.

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