How Regal! Mia Elliott's Glamorous Jewelry Will Make You Feel Like a Queen

Hail to the queen! The ibeautiful by Mia Eliott jewelry collection is full of gorgeous, glamorous gold pieces that will bring out your regal best. Get the lowdown and meet Mia here
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Mia Elliott

Mia sat down with us recently to chat about how she became a designer, what inspires her, her favorite pieces, and more! What’s your story? How did you become a jewelry designer?

Mia Elliott: I always wanted to have my own business, and my primary goal is to be a strong influence in my children’s lives while paving a path for other woman. I graduated from Howard University with a BS in fashion merchandizing and marketing, but I also had a family by the age of 21. For the ten years after college, I worked in various positions ranging from accounting all the way to teaching; but in between work and caring for my husband and my daughter, Remi, I began designing a line of women’s clothing as a hobby.

Shortly after the birth of our second daughter, Sierra, Remi began to show some difficulty in learning, so we decided that being home with Sierra and homeschooling Remi was the best decision for our family. Then, one day when I was at home with the girls, I turned on the television—and featured on Oprah was a lady who designed hand beaded bags. This is ultimately what inspired me to shift my focus in a new direction: Jewelry design.

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My background in sewing and fashion design made designing jewelry come naturally. I studied the industry and did a lot of research, visiting high-end stores like Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Bloomingdale’s to learn about the materials used in each piece as well as the craftsmanship involved. I read a lot of books and began collecting tools and strands of beads. It was the beginning of a journey!

BC: What was it about design that drew you to it?

ME: The idea and concept of art and how all forms of it are intertwined is mind blowing and can lead you on an amazing journey. There is no right or wrong—it all develops around the vision of the artist.

BC: Where did the name “ibeautiful” come from?

ME: The name was created by my sister, who is constantly uplifting and empowering woman day to day. I felt like the name was completely appropriate, as we are all strong and beautiful, inside and out.

Up next: Mia dishes about her design process and more!

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