How to Deal with a Breakup During the Holidays

How could he dump you right before the happiest time of the year? Here's how to cope.
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Avoid Contact

As much as you want to text, call, or email him, don’t do it until after the holidays. Stirring the pot right before or on the holidays will just make it harder to deal with the breakup. Instead, take the time to think about what you would say if you did reach out to him, and how he might react to you. It’s likely that after a lot of thought, you may end up deciding not to contact him at all.

Have a Support Buddy

In times of crises, it’s common to want to cling to just about anyone that will listen to your heartache. Try not to make everyone your sound board. Instead, pick the one person in your life you trust the most and turn to her or him when you need to vent the tension inside you. That way, you can let it all out and not explode at Aunt Suzy when she asks how you’ve been doing lately.

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Care for Yourself When He Didn’t

He broke up with you right before the holidays because he didn’t want to go through it being fake. He didn’t want to get you a gift, make you think all was great, and then drop a bomb on you. While it’s hurt you so much that he’s decided to end the relationship, turn around to see how you can care for yourself. Buy yourself something nice for the holidays or go out to treat yourself to something you love. By giving yourself the love that he didn’t during this time of year, you’ll end up recovering from the breakup much easier, so you can welcome the New Year with open arms and an open heart.

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