How to Find the Love of Your Life

Use your mornings--and your email!--to set your daily path toward true love.
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How to Find the Love of Your Life

Use your mornings – and your e-mail! – to set your daily path for true love

 -Karen Salmonsohn


Looking for love? Consider this: mornings are your trajectory for your day. In other words, you must use your a.m. to aim you rightly. Think about it: If a rocket ship is off a few degrees before it launches itself towards the moon, it might wind up in Uranus. Ditto on your day. If you start off aimed in a thought direction toward what you don’t want, you will find yourself feeling as if you’re stuck in Uranus. Hence, you must make sure your day starts off aimed consciously at what you want, so you increase your likelihood of being over the moon about your love life!

Right now I want to give you techniques to break bad relationship patterns for good, so you can snag a happily ever after love future.

How do you envision your own happily ever after love future? I want you to write an email to yourself, filled in great detail with a description of what healthful, happy love looks like, sounds like, feels like, smells like, tastes like, quacks like….

I did this every morning for the last year, and it truly helped me stay focused and energized to find my own happily after love (I just got engaged!).

Sure, along the way I found lots of disappointing love, but this email visualization practice helped me to keep my eye on the prize of what I wanted in love — and therefore I found it.

Here’s what I do – and what you should do to:

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  1. This may sound s little hokey but I have seen the results and power of thins kind of positive thinking and purposeful manifesting. What do you have to lose??

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