How to Get Jennifer Garner's Beach Body Right Now!

Are you ready to turn heads?
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How to Get Jennifer Garner’s Beach Body Right Now!

Are you ready to turn heads?

-Debbie Emery

Jennifer Garner

OK, girls, it’s time to stop complaining that you don’t have a bikini-ready body—and go out and get one! That’s the philosophy of celebrity trainer Valerie Waters, who’s sculpted the kick-ass bodies of Jennifer Garner and Rachel Nichols (Star Trek, GI Joe).

Valerie’s newest fitness program, I Want My Bikini Body, is designed to get you into shape in six weeks. The body-makeover plan is delivered digitally to subscribers. But to get you started, Valerie shared with BettyConfidential an inside look at her favorite moves.

“This program keeps you moving but in a fun way!” Waters told BettyConfidential. “All the exercises are totally doable – there aren’t any funky dance moves or crazy choreography – but it will get you into incredible shape.”

The program consists of four workouts, and within each workout are three elements: Sweat, Sculpt and Polish. Take a look at the workout Val gave us; we’ll break down each element for you over the next three days.

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  1. I’ve seen her up close and in person — the only way to get her body is not pretty much not eat and workout constantly! As if it were your JOB. Which, for her, it is.

  2. Let’s not forget about genetics in this!!! Some of us couldn’t look like that no matter how hard we worked unless we also spent a few hundred grand on plastic surgery! :)

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