How to Make Katy Perry's Cupcake Bra and Other DIY Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Still looking for a costume? We can help! Check out easy, DIY Katy Perry costumes, Beyonce costumes, and more!
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6. Charlie Sheen


You know that tacky shirt your aunt gave you for your birthday one year that you’ve never had a reason to wear? Well, now you do. Pull out that shirt, put it on, and top it all off with this vinyl Charlie Sheen mask. Your vocabulary for the evening must consist entirely of the words “tiger blood” and “winning.”

Vinyl Charlie Sheen Mask ($16.99, Party City)

7. Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

Dressing as Taylor Momsen is an excellent excuse to rip up any items of clothing you own which make you particularly angry. Once you’ve slashed your shirt to your heart’s content, line your eyes heavily with the cheapest black liner you can find, rumple up this wig a bit, put everything on, and proceed to terrorize the neighborhood. For making the wig look a little rattier than it does here, we suggest crumpling it up and running it over with your car a few times. That’ll do the trick.


Long Blonde Wig ($19.99, Party City)

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8. January Jones

January Jones

No purchase necessary for this one, though you may need to borrow a child from one of your friends. Here’s how it’s done: Put on your fanciest dress. Carry around a baby. Refuse to tell anyone who the father is. Brilliant!

9. Lady Gaga

Gaga hair

Gaga’s signature look can be accomplished without much hassle. Put on this wig, take off your pants, and have fun!


Fame Game Wig ($14.99, Party City)

10. Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner

If the man in your life needs a quick and easy costume, simply have him take off his shirt and spend the evening moping over some girl named Bella.

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