How To Play-Really Play-With Your Kids!

A "play activist” with smart tips on bringing your family closer.
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How To Play—Really Play—With Your Kids!

A “play activist” with smart tips on bringing your family closer.

-Jenny Ward

Two children playing with their father

We live in a world that is on agenda mode 24/7. We’re good at multi-tasking and even better at scheduling our calendars to the brim with activities. Too often, of course, we get lost in the activities to notice the simple joy in just being alive.

Kids know that joy. From birth, they live from curiosity and connection. I wonder when we lose this and why? I have taught play to people all over the globe and one thing remains very clear: We are overstressed, tired, living for Fridays, and seeking peace of mind. What can we do to change this?

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It’s a complicated situation, but there’s a simple answer: Look to your children to guide you. Let them be your greatest teacher on living in the moment—and on play! Give yourself permission not to “know” all the answers, but do give yourself permission to experience a mutual connection with your child.

Let go of getting anything “right”–kids will show us that it is the experience that counts the most, not the outcome. True, our world tends to lean towards achievements. But at the end of the day, quality and joy outweigh how well we “did” something.

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