How to Shave Your Legs

It's a fabulous feeling when your skin feels like silk.
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How to Shave Your Legs

It’s a fabulous feeling when your skin feels like silk.

-Diane Wood

Emma Stone and Taylor Swift

No one likes to spend time shaving their legs, only to find that you’ve missed a spot. The worst effect from shaving your legs is a toss-up between cuts and nicked skin or having irritated skin. We’d all like to wear skirts and dresses as teeny as Taylor Swift and Emma Stone’s with confidence! Diane Wood, King of Shaves Master Barber, explains how we can achieve movie star gams without tears.

• Choose a clean and comfortable location to shave your legs. I always suggest shaving in a warm shower or bath as this prevents razor burn.

• Hop into the shower/bath. Wait a few minutes before starting to let your leg hair soften. The heat and steam from the shower will help relax the hair follicles which will make shaving easier. (This is especially key if you shave in the morning!)

• Choose your shaving product wisely. I suggest you use a low foam shaving gel and always avoid shaving products that contain soap and alcohol. Both soap and alcohol are very drying on the skin (especially when coupled with shaving) and can lead to razor irritation and ingrown hairs. Using soap or water alone can also lead to dry and irritated skin. However, using a low foam gel such as Queen of Shaves Ta-da! shaving gel will leave your skin soft, smooth and smooch-able all day/night long!

Queen of Shaves Ta-Da! Shaving gel with tea tree oil ($2.69,

Queen of Shaves

• Don’t skimp out on your razor. Stay clear of the cheap disposables or you’ll be asking for cuts and nicks. Instead use a “system razor” with multiple blades to give you a smooth, close shave. My favorite pick for the ladies is actually a men’s razor but it works wonders on women’s legs – the King of Shaves Azor. With the flex handle and the long-lasting blades, it will definitely be the item you’ll want to steal from your guy!

King of Shaves for Men Azor Warp razor ($8.99,


• To get the closest possible shave: Wet your razor in warm water, apply a thin layer of Queen of…Ta Da! shaving gel to your legs and place the razor at the base of your ankles. Start at your ankles and shave upwards. From the bottom of your ankle gently glide the blades up the leg, in one smooth stroke.

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  1. If you are a woman, you shouldn't shave your legs, you should epilate them or use another hair removal method. Only occasionally you are allowed to shave your legs, when you are in a hurry and you don't have time for epliating. Because if you shave your legs, the hair will grow faster and thicker and for sure you don't want these effects. If you are a man, you shouldn't have your legs, you are beautiful as you are, with two hairy legs. Trust me!

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