How to Spot and Help a Victim of Domestic Violence

Many thought Rihanna and Chris Brown had the perfect romance. Could your friend or co-worker be going through the same hell?
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If you think you know someone who is in this situation, Linda feels that you ought to look out for these warning signs:


Take notice of a change in clothing style or unusual fashion choices that would allow marks or bruises to be easily hidden. For instance, someone who wears long sleeves even in the dog days of summer may be trying to hide signs of abuse.

Constant phone calls

Many abusers are very controlling and suspicious, so they will call their victims multiple times each day to “check in.” This is a subtle way of manipulating their victims, to make them fearful of uttering a stray word that might alert someone that something is wrong. Many abusers are also jealous, and suspect their partner is cheating on them, and the constant calls are a way of making sure they aren’t with anyone they aren’t supposed to be around.

Unaccountable injuries

Sometimes, obvious injuries such as arm bruises or black eyes are a way to show outward domination over the victim. Other times, abusers harm areas of the body that won’t be seen by family, friends and coworkers.

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Frequent absences

Often missing work or school and other last-minute plan changes may be a woman hiding abuse, especially if she is otherwise reliable.

Excessive guilt and culpability

Taking the blame for things that go wrong, even though she was clearly not the person responsible – or she is overly-emotional for her involvement – is a red flag.

Fear of conflict

Being brow-beaten or physically beaten takes a heavy psychological toll, and anxiety bleeds into other relationships.

Chronic uncertainty

Abusers often dominate every phase of a victim’s life, including what she thinks she likes, so making basic decisions can prove challenging.

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