How To Tame A Player

Dozens of women want him. Here's how to keep him!
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How To Tame A Player

Dozens of women want him. Here’s how to keep him!

-Zoe Turner

How to Tame a Player

Somewhere in the back of their minds, most men like to think they’re a player – a good-looking, charming guy who can have any girl he wants, even if he’s not always willing to commit to her.

Unfortunately for them (and for us!) a lot of guys aren’t players. They’re just playboys, emotionally immature types who think they’re sophisticated because they’re dishonest about their lack of interest in a relationship.

The player, on the other hand, is interesting, charming and intelligent, with a genuine good-guy aura about him. He’s got an appealing group of friends, and though he might not look like a movie star, he’s a magnet that you can’t help but be pulled toward. The only problem is, a lot of other women are being pulled toward him as well!

Living in New York City, I see a lot of players around town, and it’s a mystery to me why girls persist in going after them. The chances are good that we’ll never make them monogamous, right?

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Not necessarily. For the past three years, one of my closest friends (I’ll call her Olive), has been in a relationship with a guy who’s got game. I sat down with her recently over coffee to ask her how she landed him, and why she even tried, since she’s always been very serious about relationships.

From the first time she saw Robert, Olive said, she was drawn to him. “He had this undeniable swagger and from what I could tell, had interesting friends who always seemed happy to see him – and plenty of women were struck by him. We finally talked at a party one night. I found myself laughing almost the whole time; I was surprised at what a gentleman he was. Afterwards, I asked Jason, a mutual friend of ours, what he thought about Robert. Without even thinking he responded. ’Oh, that’s my man. He’s a really great guy and super talented!’ I was hooked. So I told Jason that if Robert asked about me, to give him my number.”

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0 thoughts on “How To Tame A Player

  1. Argh! Stop with the “makeover” guys all ready. For every one who wants to settle down, there are more who want to tap dance on your heart.

  2. Robert doesn’t sound like a player, but more like a really confident guy. I think if his friends were saying to Olive, “he’s awesome, but he gets with a lot of women,” this would be a different story.

  3. If I needed to tame a guy, I’d be worried he would just one day up and leave because he was bored and wanted to go out and be a player again.

  4. iam 57 dating the 48 year old player, hes hot sexy fun to be with good kisser and dancer to boot kind and considerate and a all around good guy how did i tame him i was just me and if he wanted just me than that is the way it would be and it definatly worked.. together for 3 years now.

  5. It is foolish to think you can “tame” anyone. Thank the Bard for this notion. What really happens is both start entering the same phase.
    One problem women have is not becoming a player themselves.

  6. I’m glad to see that the majority of comments on this are *pshhhhhh* You can’t change/tame someone, and you shouldn’t try. This guy doesn’t sound like a player, so much as a great, confident, cool person that people want to be around. You can be that kind of person and not have sex with everyone who throws themselves at you – it’s called integrity. If every sexy, confident, intelligent person just had flings willy-nilly, it would be disastrous. Too many already do, but not all of them.

  7. I think you guys are reading too much into the title of the article and not the actual content of the article…

    She specifically stated “don’t try and change him”..

    I think what she means by “tame” is how do you get this guy who can, by nature of who he is, and the fact that he’s out a lot, how you can make him want to be “home” with you- or specifically come home to you.
    And how do you deal with all the other women in his life- that don’t just disappear because he’s met you.

    She’s not saying he’s a typical player- but the problem is many players get labeled “player” in a bad way because what women are confusing are players vs playboys.

    And obviously- in the end -it’s about being you. Just the way you are. (Not to get all Bridget Jones on ya!)

    Smoke and mirrors ladies- instead of reading the content- you take the soundbyte of a title and spin this into something it’s not.

    Can I say typical?

  8. Roberts not a player.I know players, i’ve been one and dated them. robert is confident yes but a playa no! You can’t tame a player. the reason they are a player is b/c they don’t want to be tamed. A player will usually settle down when they are ready not when you want them too. If you really care for a man thats a player the best thing to do is keep your mystery about yourself.Thats a womans secret. when he comes and sees you, make sure when he leaves he is goin to think about you.Try answering his questions short and make him wait. A player will chase you as long as you don’t give him what you want.But the trick is too show him you have something different about you that not all the other girls have.Getting a player to settle down is alot of effort with little work.The most effort you put forth is to just hide your feelings. you can’t let him know he has got you. Let him think your a playa too but the difference is your really not!!

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