How To Tell A Guy Is A Douchebag

Red flags that say, 'stay away.'

How To Tell A Guy Is A Douchebag

Red flags that say, ‘stay away.’

-Libby Keatinge


Douchebags: they are everywhere! Sometimes they’re obvious, and sometimes they creep up on you in disguise! So, what are the douchebag red flags to look out for? has pointed out three signs that this guy is better left alone.

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1. Blazer and a t-shirt: Some guys may think this style is cool, but it actually signals: total douche! 2. Cheek Kiss: No, he is not Euro and cultured, he is actually a douchebag! What’s the third red flag? Check out for the answer!

Libby Keatinge is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “How To Tell A Guy Is A Douchebag

  1. violetgal says:

    A surefire sign is if he acts as though he just stepped out of a fraternity. Any guy who can’t keep a lid on the “WOOOOOs!” and “YEEEAAAAHs” has got to go. :P

  2. johnannarufus says:

    wow iant he the man of the year. fucken lozer

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