How to Use Texting to Spice Up Your Love Life

You're glued to your phone all day anyways, so why not use it to bring back the romance in your relationship?
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2. Bring back the chase.

In the beginning of your relationship, you playfully flirted with one another – it’s time to bring that back into your texts. “Romantically, men need to feel like they are able to win you over all over again,” says Fiore. “The thrill of the flirt, the chase and feeling like he’s ‘still got it’ – the ‘it’ being the ability to capture your full attention.” Text him thoughts that make him feel like a powerful hunter, and you like the sexy prey he needs to hunt.

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3. Make him imagine it.

In Fiore’s 3 Magic Texts report he says that “imagine” is the “single most powerful word in the world… It?s actually really hard for the human brain to read the word ‘imagine’ without

immediately imagining what it is you?re talking about.” Use this to your advantage by texting your guy something like, “I’m imagining how great this weekend is going to be with you.” Then, he’ll be picturing it too, and may even come up with something new and exciting to do.

Probably the most important thing is to change your view on texting as a whole – don’t think of it as just a way to make plans or ask how his day was. Use it as a tool to add some excitement to his day and to get him thinking about you, even when you’re not there.

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Tell us: how do you use texting in your relationship?

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