Is This How You Wear a Scarf?

this woman would like to know how to wear scaves in a professional setting

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Is This How You Wear a Scarf?

Dear Fashionista411: How do you wear scarves? I just received a scarf for Christmas and I have no idea how to wear it except for wrapped around my neck with one end in front and one in back. Any other ideas on how to wear them in a professional setting?


Fashionist411: There are many different ways to wear scarves, and we of course are seeing them on all the latest celebrities. Everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Nicky Hilton is wearing scarves! There are a few simple ways to tie a scarf depending on the size, and length:


nicky hilton and jennifer aniston in scarves

1. Simply divide the scarf in half, place the middle around your neck to the back and pull the 2 lengths forward.
2. Fold a long length scarf in half, place around neck, and pull the two ends through the hole
3. Finally, the latest way to wear a scarf is similar to that of a western style – fold the scarf in half, place the triangle toward the front and pull the 2 lengths around and under the triangle.


Hope these tips are helpful!

Fashionista 411 Dawn

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