Hunger Strikes, Miracle Jelly Beans: 10 Craziest Moments of Royal Wedding Frenzy

As the clock ticks down to Will and Kate's big day, we present a roundup of some of the wackiest moments of the ensuing madness. Royal Wedding barf bag, anyone?
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6. The 80-hour Will and Kate Etch-a-Sketch portrait.

Will and Kate Etch-a-Sketch

That’s right. The Daily Mail reports it took artist George Vlosich 80 hours to create this portrait. On an Etch-a-Sketch.

7. Say Ye$ to the Dre$$.

Kate Middleton sheer dress

The see-through dress worn by Kate Middleton at a charity fashion show just sold at auction in London for … drum roll please … $125,890 (78,000 pounds). Though it’s reportedly the dress that won Will’s, er, heart, it was only expected to fetch around $15K.

8. Even doggies have Royal Wedding Fever!

Royal Wedding dogs

People Pets has a slideshow listing seven ways our canine companions can show their puppy love for Will and Kate, from the Union Jack Puppie Hoodie to Will and Kate doggie t-shirts.

9. The Royal Donut

Royal wedding donut

From April 24-29, participating Dunkin’ Donuts will sell the Royal Wedding Donut: a heart-shaped, jelly-filled doughnut topped with vanilla icing and drizzled in chocolate.

For a mere 89 cents you too can eat feel the royal love.

And finally, for those who truly can’t stomach one more minute of Royal Wedding madness …

10. Artist Lydia Leith’s “Throne Up” barf bags!

Royal WEdding barf bags

About 8,000  of these very special Royal Wedding mementos have been sold since February. You too can have one from eBay!

Tell us: What’s your favorite moment of Royal Wedding Madness?

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  1. The throw up bags are hilarious! I think the products like the nail polish and lip gloss are cute… and the Dunkin Donuts idea is ok… but an 80 hour etch-a-sketch portrait? Her face in a jelly bean? C’mon people!

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