I Am a Kept Woman: Part 2

One girl's tale of how she became "kept.”
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I Am a Kept Woman: Part 2

One girl’s tale of how she became “kept.”


I am a Kept Woman Part 2

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He made it seem like it was a gift. “Look, think of the apartment as a present. As far as the money, I buy you gifts anyway, so just think of it that way,” he said. He made it sound like he was doing me a favor, like because he would never marry me now this was his way of showing me he still loved me.

“Let’s just try it,” he said. “The apartment is a gift, but as for the monthly allowance, if you at all start to feel uncomfortable, just go back to Hooters.” The way he said it felt kind of condescending, but he was right, I guess.

Andrew had already arranged the apartment and decided to drive me over there that night and check it out. It was a beautiful 2-story condo in a gated community. It had a cute little garden and everything was brand new, from the Viking stove to the marble counters. It just all felt so comfortable.

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The first few weeks of being a Kept Woman were mostly just spent taking it all in. I just thought about what I didn’t have to do, not what I could do. I didn’t have to go to Hooters. I didn’t have to go home early because I could get up whenever I wanted. I didn’t have to make coffee at home, because now I had money to go get one!

I really loved the first few weeks. Of course I shared my new lifestyle with Angela and she would come sleep over all the time, when Andrew wasn’t over. Everything was fine and then I noticed Andrew started acting more distant. He would disappear for a few days, and when he came back, I felt like I couldn’t ask him where he had been, as we now had this “deal.” Andrew still treated me nicely when we were together, but he did start to just let me know the day before that we were leaving in the morning to go to St. Lucia, or other last minute plans.

You might think being told the night before that you HAD to go to St. Lucia isn’t really a burden, but I realized that Andrew now had me kind of trapped. I wanted to enroll in college and start making progress toward a degree, but how could I do that when I might have to leave on the day of the final?

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12 thoughts on “I Am a Kept Woman: Part 2

  1. When I read the first part, I thought – WOW! A girl from Granville! I’m GHS class of ’05… maybe we knew each other?

    Best of luck with your goals, I’m sure you’ll succeed!!!

  2. I think she’s young, this is definitely a learning experience… if she REALLY wants to earn her own keep and truly be independent and have a long term relationship, then with time it will happen. It must be hard to be accustomed to the lifestyle and think of changing… life is a struggle but SO worth it. Good luck!

  3. good luck hun! we’ve all been down some roads which were not always right for us. that is all you have done. you sound smart, you have a plan & you will succeed. best wishes xo

  4. this is a true experience for her!! Yes she has the right idea 2 get out of this as soon as possible but i di hope that she will be able 2 take care of herself n not have 2 fall in this kind of situation again!!Or maybe things will get better with Andrew!! I wish u all the best babay girl n keep ur head up!!

  5. Good for her. She finally woke up. Good luck pal. Find someone whom you can love and be able to share a life. Don’t be a kept woman and live like a slave to him.

  6. Good for her. She finally woke up. Good luck pal. Find someone whom you can love and be able to share a life. Don't be a kept woman and live like a slave to him.

  7. Hopefully, she does exit from the relationship. It may be too tempting to walk away and her lifestyle requires no job and little effort.
    The really old story of the kept mistress is she hang on until she gets the boot, AFTER he gets married and has kids. BY then the kept woman is in her 30’s or 40’s, and she lost her prime years and then what can she do? Look for a new taker? Marry her divorced high school sweetheart? It can be a sad scenario.

  8. i know that this is sad to say but i think you are very lucky to get out of Cleveland and have someone support you. I am an 20 year old Cleveland area girl ready to go out to Cali and leave Ohio. I wish I would have someone that would want to take care of me. You have the option of not working. My friend and I actually are planning on working at the LB Hooters, she already works there and her manager wants me to work there as well. I’m finishing up college and heading out there as well.. If you can get me tips for living the lifestyle. let me know haha… but I do wish you happiness and that you find what you are looking for.

  9. OMFG that has to be the most awesome arrangement ever. I am so jealous, but I also understand the burden you must feel . I wish you the very best and hope you can find a way to solve your problem. Remember the lifestyle you have now you can get again. Your still young and can achieve this lifestyle on your own without his help. You are a strong women who can accomplish anything you put your mind to

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