"I'm Kate Middleton's Double!”

A Kate lookalike is making a career out of it.

“I’m Kate Middleton’s Double!”

A Kate lookalike is making a career out of it.

-Jane Farrell

Kate Bevan with her husband Nathan, and Prince William and Kate Middleton

Like Kate Middleton, Kate Bevan is getting a lot of attention these days. But in Bevan’s case, it’s because she looks almost exactly like the princess-to-be. (In the picture above, she’s the one on the left.)

Bevan, 21, a pharmacy clerk, has been getting used to dozens of double-takes in the past few weeks. “Since the engagement, it has been unreal,” she told the UK newspaper the Daily Mail. “Nearly everyone who comes through the pharmacy door makes a comment and gawps in total shock. I went out for a sandwich for my lunch and was stopped four times by people in the street.”

Given that attention, Bevan has decided to leave the pharmacy and make a career out of being a Middleton lookalike. Although that might sound, well, unwise, celebrity lookalikes can make a decent living at corporate events, supermarket openings and even TV ads. In fact, a woman who looks exactly like Queen Elizabeth made a popular commercial for FU jeans a while back.

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The two Kates are tall, classically pretty and have long, wavy dark hair. But there are a few crucial differences: Bevan says her husband, Nathan, looks more like Harry than William—and that’s the way she wants it. “I think William is pleasant-looking,” Bevan told the Daily Mail, “but he wouldn’t be my type.”

Even more important, though, is that Bevan, who lives in the Midlands town of Stafford, has to change her working-class accent to sound more like the privileged Middleton. From the few Middleton-like sentences she tried during a television interview, we can say that she’s not there yet. But she’s taking lessons.

The Mail story attracted a number of comments, with one poster saying, “She’s identical to Kate in that her lips are virtually nonexistent as well.” Ouch. Others were more positive. “It’s FUN to be a lookalike,” one wrote. “Why not?”

We kind of agree. Best of luck, Kate Bevan, and here’s to all the supermarket openings you can handle! (dailymail)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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