I Made My Skin Look Perfect Without Surgery, Part 2

Now I'm going for a treatment to eliminate brown spots!
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I Made My Skin Look Perfect Without Surgery, Part 2

Now I’m going for a treatment to eliminate brown spots!

-Lisa Cohen

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In Part 1 of our series on getting the skin you love without cosmetic surgery, Lisa Cohen told us about the terrific skin-tightening and smoothing results she got from her Thermage treatment. Now, in Part 2, she’s moving on to get her brown spots removed with the Fraxel treatment.

On went the cowboy boots, and off I went to my next great dermatological adventure in San Francisco on Nov.23, 12 days after my Thermage treatment, with Dr. Vic Narurkar. I was going to have my first Fraxel treatment to get rid of brown spots. There are three options with Fraxel treatments. I chose Fraxel re:store.

After I arrived, my face and neck were slathered with a topical anesthetic that took around 45 minutes to kick in. I asked Dr. Narurkar a lot of questions about Fraxel, the first and foremost being whether it was an option for people who have periodic actinic keratosis, (pre-cancerous lesions). My curiosity stemmed from the fact that my fair-skinned father had AK lesions removed regularly. The immediate aftermath was not attractive: bloody, oozing sores. I’d later had two lesions removed myself.

Dr Narurkar said that Fraxel re:store provides a gentler approach to treating actinic keratoses without the risks of leaving white spots after conventional treatments like liquid nitrogen or the intense reactions, such as extreme sun sensitivity, from topical agents like 5fluorouracil. In addition, he said, the treatment smoothes lines, reduces wrinkles, and erases brown spots.

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I was happy to hear that! My most recent attempt at combating sun damage was a photo laser treatment, which did dissolve some of the brown spots on my face (guilty reminders from years of baby oil in the sun). Unfortunately, some of the more stubborn spots remained. And before that, I opted for a chemical peel, which was okay but did not ultimately remove fine lines or wrinkles.

I couldn’t wait to try Fraxel.

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