“I Never Thought My First Time on TV Would Be… in a Bikini!”

One Betty recalls her first big, er, break.
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Once the cameraman and LX-TV host arrived, we went down to the hotel’s indoor pool, which would be the background of our shoot. It was a very basic set-up – just body mics for Jene and the host, and the camera. No lighting equipment or magical devices to make us look good in HD. It was so nonchalant. Once the camera was on, Jene and the host started talking, and each model was supposed to walk in the frame next to them, stand there and smile, and then walk out. It was simple enough, but I was still freaking out. My legs were shaking and my palms were sweaty as I watched the other girls go (of course I was last). When it was my turn, I walked in, turned towards the camera, and concentrated on smiling and sucking in as much as I could without looking crazy. And then it was over!

Well, not quite. Then, we had to stand there and pose while the cameraman shot “b-roll” or close-ups of our bodies, er, bathing suits. It felt like I was being inspected for ticks – he brought the camera in that close on every part of me, including my boobs, stomach, back, butt and legs. Great.

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After that, we were free to go. I practically ran to the Starbucks on the corner to stuff my face with everything and anything, and call my mom to give her every last detail. We wouldn’t be seeing the footage until it aired live on LX-TV the following week. The suspense was already killing me.

When I found out the airdate and time, I told my family, close friends, and posted it on Facebook. I was so nervous, I could barely concentrate that morning. I kept looking in the mirror, trying to picture what I was going to look like, and switching back between thoughts of, “Oh, I’m going to look good,” to “Oh my god, I am an idiot.”

When the show started, I called my mom, who was watching with my dad at home. We barely talked because I was hyperventilating and too focused on the TV to speak. I was pacing, sometimes jumping, around my apartment like a lunatic. I remember thinking, “So, this is what a heart attack feels like.”

And then, there I was on my TV screen. In a bikini. In the surreal moment, all I could do was scream in the phone and say “Oh my god,” over and over again. I’m pretty sure my mom was screaming too, but I couldn’t hear her. And then, just like that, the segment was over. My appearance was so short, I could barely remember it.

All that excitement, preparation and nerves for 15 seconds of fame that went by in a flash. But, you know what? I was happy with how it came out. I think I looked… cute. And my friends and family all had nice things to say (if they didn’t, I’m happy they kept those thoughts to themselves).

Overall, it was an opportunity I was happy I said “Yes” to… that is, until I remembered that little thing called DVR. And YouTube.


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