"I Saw a Ghost While Getting a Facial!” 8 Real Ghost Stories

Keep an eye out for uninvited guests at your Halloween bash.
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“I Saw a Ghost While Getting a Facial!” 8 Real Ghost Stories

Keep an eye out for uninvited guests at your Halloween bash!

-The Betty Editors

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Hey Bettys! Are you all ready for Halloween? Here are 8 spine-tingling ghost encounters that will get you in the mood for the spookiest holiday of the year…

A Ghostly Interference
When I was engaged, I had a ghost haunting me. I thought it was my imagination but then the ghost visited a friend of mine and spooked her as well. One day the woman appeared before my fiancé, and a psychic later told me that she was my twin sister from a past life who was warning me not to marry the man I loved. I already had my doubts about the relationship, and I thought we were rushing into things, so I broke off the engagement and I haven’t seen my ghost since. When I met my current boyfriend, five years ago, I waited for my twin to show up again. It never happened, so I assume she approves of him.
Debi Berndt, Love Mindset Expert, Westchester County, NY

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Good Thing She Wasn’t Getting Waxed!
I have been seeing ghosts since I was a child, but the most recent encounter happened when I was getting a facial. The esthetician left the room briefly and I saw a young woman in the corner, dressed in 1960s attire. She asked, “You can see me?” I nodded, and she said there had been a record company in the same building in the 1960s, and that she had been brought in to kind of ‘entertain’ the bands. She then died of a drug overdose, which had been covered up. I felt so sad for her, and could feel that she was heartbroken about losing her life so soon (she couldn’t have been older than 22 or 23).Throughout the whole exchange, I could sense that she just wanted to be seen and heard. Later I looked up the address, and found that it had indeed been the site of a record company in the 1960s.
Ally, SassyPsychic.com, Los Angeles

The First to Know
My grandpa and I were incredibly close, and he appeared to me on the night he died. I lived in Hawaii with my folks while he was in California. I was awakened by his visage, sat up, and asked why he was in Hawaii. He told me he had passed, but that everything was going to be OK. And he told me to be there for my mother because she would turn to me. Moments later, my dad came into my room and said, “Get up son, we’re going to California, grandpa has died.”

I started to say ‘I know’ but changed my mind, as I was unsure of what I had experienced. At the graveside a few days later, my mother stood between me and my dad. As they lowered my grandfather’s casket, my mother broke down and turned to cry on my shoulder, not my dad’s.

Bad vs. Good
I have heard and felt ghosts much of my life, but have only seen one recently. I’ve had a couple of unnerving experiences while visiting Colonial America museums; I heard angry, threatening whispers. I also had a poltergeist who caused me to have accidents: a broken wrist when I was pushed off a small step stool, cutting my hand on glass after pictures had been thrown off a wall, and a dislocated arm after tripping over nothing. I never saw him but my neighbor did, when the ghost walked through a closet, into the kitchen and out through a window!

The best experience was when my dad returned to us mere minutes after he passed. We could hear him but only his dog was able to see him. I’ve also seen the ghost of my pet cat, which I quite enjoyed. Much of this appears in my fictionalized version of odd events in my family history, Imagics: and Other Family Stories.
Francine L. Trevens, NYC

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  1. Since my teens, when my telepathy became active, I have seen and/or sensed a variety of spirits. Most, like my mother, just came back to say “Goodbye”. When I saw my father, he looked 60 years younger, and was dressed, in his favorite clothes. The only ghost, which ever freaked my family out was one which, for awhile, inhabited a deep freeze freezer. For some reason, the ghost was attracted to my family. Probably hoping for release, to the next life. For months, we only knew that something was banging our kitchen cabinets, and making noises, like playing a racket-ball game, at night, in the freezer. When we called in a psychic, to find causes for the noises, this is when the psychic told me that, with very little training, I could become one, as well (which I have). Together, the psychic and I released the troubled spirit (who just wanted to go home), and the noises stopped. Since then, I only speak of the subject, if asked. I dont tell people “You have ghosts in your house”, unless they ask. Understand that I am not Melinda Warren, and I dont chat with ghosts, on street corners. With me, its more telepathic. At times, though, it can be most exciting, though. No question!

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