I Slept With My Friend's Husband!

Ask Your Friend...Ask Your Shrink: A woman finds herself in a sticky situation after having sex with her neighbor.
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Dr. Halperin says:

Dear guilty, unfortunately this is a complicated situation. It is made more complicated by the truth with your husband. It is an unfortunate reality that is difficult at best to live with. You probably need to work out the details with your husband a little more clearly. The way you have it worked out now can only lead to misunderstanding and confusion.

As for the situation with your neighbor, that is much clearer.

Your behavior has ramifications that affect other people. The question here is not about what to keep secret but rather what behavior to do in the first place.

Just because your having sex with your neighbor may be acceptable to your husband, so far, it doesn’t make it right. Your neighbor still has a wife and family, and yours and his needs will have profound affects on them. It also has an affect on your relationship with your husband. If you have an affair with your neighbor you are making him a “co-conspirator” to it.

I think that after you clarify what exactly your “don’t ask, don’t tell situation” with your husband is you will be better off finding sexual partners without wives. There are enough single men around to oblige your need for sex. You don’t need to use one of your neighbors for that purpose.

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Libby Keatinge is Senior Editor: Love+Sex at BettyConfidential.

Dr. Morris Halperin is a licensed psychologist practicing in Los Angeles for over 30 years.

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5 thoughts on “I Slept With My Friend's Husband!

  1. Seriously, don’t ask, don’t tell? I guess if that works for you but it is rare that “sex only” situations don’t end up involving some feelings. And there are options outside of straight intercourse…my friend has been married for years to a parapalegic and I know they have a fabulous sex life. Can not believe neither of the “experts” brought up that option.

  2. So your husband had surgery and now he can’t “have sex”? What does that mean?? He lost his hands, his mouth and his erection? And neither of you has any idea how you can get satisfied except by someone else’s husband?!?! Any now you want to know if you should tell the guy’s wife?? Did you have surgery and lose your brain? Or do you just think all “Bettys” are dumb? Sounds like all the ‘parts’ aren’t working on you or your husband.

  3. I think that is a terrible situation. Not cool at all! I THINK THIS WOMAN IS A COMPLETE CUNT! Fucking a neighbors husband. What a dirty bitch! And the neighbors husband is an asshole too! I hope he got her pregnant too!

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