I Was a Call Girl for a Day: Part 1

What it was like to have my own Pretty Woman experience, one time, for one day.
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I Was a Call Girl for a Day: Part 1

What it was like to have my own Pretty Woman experience, one time, for one day.


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I couldn’t tell you why I did it. I didn’t need the money. I am not a promiscuous girl. I guess I was just curious. I actually found my life very fulfilling at the time. I had a great job in production at a well-known cable channel, a New York City apartment, and I was happily starting to date someone new who was treating me very well and with whom I could see building a relationship. But I just had always wondered. Perhaps having seen Pretty Woman ten too many times, I just wanted to know what it was all about.

A chance encounter with some experienced girls also gave me a clue about how to make it happen. I secretly had always held the information in the back of my mind, and occasionally entertained the thought of actually taking action. While working at one of my first jobs as a salesgirl at Hermes on Madison Avenue, I had several regular customers who fit the same profile: young, beautiful, and all with plenty of free time and money to spend buying up merchandise during the mid-afternoon hours. One actually become a pal, and sometimes we would go have a cocktail when I got off work. One day I finally came out and asked her what I had been wondering. Since she obviously didn’t work and had no family that she had mentioned, how did she manage this shopping habit while seemingly doing nothing? She smiled and whispered to me, “EliteArrangement.com.”* It was on this site she had met men, some whom she saw regularly and some she had only seen once or twice, and when she told me how much money she was making, I almost peed in my pants.

In early spring, I decided to check out this website for myself as sort of an experiment. I always dated successful men who I had met by chance, so why not see if I could find one on purpose? Also, a lot of the first few months of dating was about waiting and seeing if they would want to take me shopping or give me gifts, which I liked, and usually eventually they did, but why not cut through the games and just find one who definitely wanted to spoil a girl? It also just seemed like something kind of secret and somewhat dangerous to do, and I suppose I just had an urge to do something out of my normal repertoire.

I created a profile where I described myself physically accurately, but changed my name and age and minor details. I also posted a photo, as was required by the website, but chose to use a fake one with the head Photoshopped off. Over the next few weeks, I would email back and forth with guys who wanted an “arrangement.” Many suggested coffee or a drink to “see if we have chemistry,” but one man, “Tony” struck me as very direct and to-the-point in his email: “I would like to meet you for a drink at the Thompson Hotel at 4 p.m. on Tuesday. I will give you $300 to show you I appreciate your time and we can chat and see if there is any chemistry. Please reply if you can make it.”

To me, this arrangement seemed quite easy. I replied that I would see him there. The next day as I was getting ready for work, I did a little extra to make myself look sexy. I did my makeup carefully, curled my long blonde hair, put on a sexy bra and matching thong, a gray skirt, black high heels, and a while collared shirt. I was going for the “sexy secretary” look. I guess you could say this outfit could go from “office to… rendezvous.”

I went to work as normal and let my boss know that I would take my lunch late that day as I had an “appointment.” As I took the taxi downtown, I felt only curiosity. I did not feel nervous or bad about anything, surprisingly, as I had honestly never done anything like this before. I had a relatively normal upbringing and healthy childhood, my parents are still together, I drink socially and I have never tried drugs. I have a great set of girlfriends and consider myself generally a “good girl.” I am even in a weekly book club, which I always attend.

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