I Was a Call Girl for a Day: Part 2

What it was like to have my own Pretty Woman experience, one time, for one day.
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I Was a Call Girl for a Day: Part 2

What it was like to have my own Pretty Woman experience, one time, for one day.


If you missed part one of Call Girl for a Day, read it here!

Call girl

I took a cab over to my apartment, which luckily was only a few minutes from work. I replied to Tony that I was available and he let me know he would text me with some hotel details in a few minutes. It was at this moment I panicked. What if he was a murderer? A cop? What did he mean by “rough sex”? I called my most trusted girlfriend Isabella and let her know what I was doing. She always had a very open attitude and just laughed at me. I knew I could trust her with this: she was no angel herself. She suggested that when I got to the room, I call her and then rest my cell phone in my purse, so she could be on the other end if anything went wrong. I hung up with her and saw the text from Tony: “SoHo Grand, room 402.”

“How did he do it so fast?” I wondered. Clearly this guy was a pro.

I checked myself out in the mirror and thought my 4-inch black Jimmy Choo heels, black wrap dress, and red lip-gloss looked perfect. It could pass for a very sexy daytime outfit, without looking like a streetwalker. I was beyond nervous as I hopped in the cab and headed over to the SoHo Grand. I walked straight to the elevator, dialed Isabella, put the phone in my purse, and went up to the room. Tony answered the door and poured me a glass of champagne as I sat on the bed and he told me how good I looked before handing me an envelope again.

I don’t think I was in the room two minutes before he started ripping my clothes off. He did, however, request I leave my heels on. I quickly remembered Kit’s recommendation to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman: “Don’t kiss on the lips.” It didn’t matter; we were already full on making out as he put on a condom. I actually really enjoyed having sex with Tony: I honestly would have done it for free. We had sex twice in a row before I got up and went to the bathroom, and checked the envelope inside my purse and counted $3,000, in hundreds. I went back out to the room and we had sex again. He didn’t talk much, except to tell me that he thought my body was perfect, and that whole violence warning seemed obsolete; he just was very normal in bed. What I did find surprising was that it wasn’t all about him. He was very attentive to me and wanted to make sure I enjoyed myself.

The whole thing took a little over an hour before he got up, put his clothes on and started arranging his belongings in his briefcase before showing me that he had a gun in his bag. “I have a permit,” he said, smiling. My heart dropped into my stomach knowing that there had been a gun in the bag the whole time, and I had no idea.

We chatted a little and he told me he had a very busy afternoon, before suggesting that I keep the room for the night. “It’s already paid for, enjoy yourself,” he said, before smiling and walking out the door. I sat in the room naked just kind of taking it all in. I felt like I had “lost my call girl virginity.” I could never say again, “I would NEVER sleep with a guy for money,” because I had. I was different.

Am I a bad person? Am I going to hell? I didn’t really feel bad about it. Honestly, I felt relief and slightly cocky. I had made $3,000 in an hour. That was my rent and then some. Yes, I had a great job in TV, but I was by no means swimming in money. Still, I knew that this would be the first and only time I would do this. I was not a call girl, just a call girl for a day.

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30 thoughts on “I Was a Call Girl for a Day: Part 2

  1. WOW what a story! I would have been really nervous, probably too nervous to go through with it. But on the other hand, $3000 in one day sounds pretty good!

  2. You are now just a common whore. You may not admit it but you are. And, you WILL do it again, no question about it. When you need money, you will repeat and repeat. And I’ll bet that after a few pay checks and you see how little you make in comparison, you will become a full-time whore. But make no mistake about it, you are a whore, you will do it again, and you should be ashamed and feel bad.

  3. Great story…I think those commenters who have called you a whore and a slut should step back and take a look in the mirror. At one point or another, we all give it up for what some may call a, “price.” Boyfriend give you roses?? Woo hoo…long night of fun and frolick. Hubby buy you something really special??? Rinse and repeat…Think about it.

    I think it took guts to go through with the adventure. You did it, you had fun, no harm no foul.

  4. It does sound too good to be true; like maybe this is fiction vs. reality. However, if it’s true, I would advise her not to share this with her boyfriend or any future boyfriend. As liberal as guys might be when they are discussing things in the abstract, they will completely change their tune if they find out that their special woman has been paid, even once, to be with another man. Same thing with making sex tapes that become public…no couples seem to survive that when it comes out.

  5. You know, all of you who are calling her a whore and a slut are just too embarrassed to admit that you’ve had fantasies about doing something like that, only she was actually brave enough to do it! And I’m sure you’re no angel either. So quit judging people. Don’t like it? Don’t do it. You realize that you don’t have to comment on every single thing, right?

  6. There have been alot I have done in my life. I do not regret nor do I shame my past or feel ashamed! But for her all I have to say is “You go girl!” Sometimes, we have to do things to make us see that our day to day normal life is worth it. We risk it all just to be grateful for what we have!

  7. I can honestly say that the judgements and criticisms written in the comments above make me physically ill. She tried it, didn’t like it and IS NOT a whore, slut, etc… Who uses those derogatory terms anymore, anyway? What are you, in high school? I think the writer might actually be pleasantly surprised at what a liberal, open-minded boyfriend might have to say about a situation such as this… Or a previous ‘sugar daddy’ relationship. I had one. My current husband was shocked in the beginning, but completely understood and didn’t have a problem with my dating history. I’m not a hooker, stripper or whore and I’m assuming the website where she found ‘Tony’ is the same place I found my former boyfriend aka sugar daddy. Get over yourselves. Some people try one thing and it works for them. Others try lots and lots of options and none of them work out. Stop judging, start living.

  8. Wow, she is a regular attender at her book club?!?! Not quite sure how that fits in the story. Glad she is okay and didn’t get hurt. She still sounds confused to me. If she was okay with it, why wouldn’t she tell her boyfriend?

  9. Enough w/ the hate. Those who act offended or judgmental when they’re really jealous are big time hypocrites. And everyone can tell.
    Am I a little jealous? Sure. But I don’t have the body or the chutzpah to do it, so I won’t put down someone who does.

  10. Everybody does whatever they like with their own life and body — and if they’d like to sell their body it’s their decision. So no judgment. I wouldn’t do it, but there’s no two people alike.

    But I would definitely not be excited for someone who, for the heck of it, decided to run in front of a bus, and somehow survived. The moral of this story for me is that when people have things pretty much figured out they do things to complicate and risk their good life.

  11. Oh and, uh, I know the author has another career so I don’t feel so bad about saying this — her writing needs some work. Then again, she has her job, and I’m sure, more than one fall-back option.

  12. WOW!!What can be said about a story like that?You live once right so I guess if its sumn sh had always been curious about she totaly did what was right by HER and lived a little.We should all be so brave and open minded-U GO GIRL!!1(jus dnt let i happen again:)

  13. I was an escort as I like to call it, for about 2 years at age 54. I prefer escort because I was taken out to dinner and the date included casual, interesting conversations with men I met on an adult dating site where I could see there pictures and read their profile to see if I was attracted and they could do the same. yes the dates included sex, but I ended up in 3 friends plus paid benefits for me! It was great. I stopped when I became serious with a boyfriend, who I told about the escorting, but stopped when he asked me to, and we have been in a committed relationship for over a year. I was and still am on disability and it helped me thru some rough financial times though I never got near what this girl got paid. But it was in the hundreds of dollars an hr. I am proud I could do this at my age and that the men I met, or most, became friends who knew I needed help and were very respectful of me. What do u think of that?

  14. I think life is about taking chances and living – you go girl you lived a fantasy you now know what you were wondering about!!! He that is without sin cast the first stone let those who judge you and call you whore talk they are just to cowardly to admit that they have fantasies and to lame to admit that at one time n their life they have paid for sex one way or the other!! you did what you wanted, you took precautions to be safe both sexually and with this stranger by telling a pal were you were and you had fun and came out with a profit!! Go Girl!!!

  15. Oh this is funny! 1st to all you name callers – shut-up you twits, I would bet most of you have slept around plenty, without being paid. AND, I am fairly certain some smooth; good-looking guy could seduce you, married or not so quit acting all virginal and disdainful. I totally see why you did this and I am certain it was an adventure, however, be careful. Your memory of this incident is a pleasant one but if you succumb to doing it again (because, it is easy and the money is good), it may not turn out well. What if you meet someone you know or who knows someone you know? What if you do get physically hurt? What if, you change, as you will; and you realize you have hurt your own self-esteem. So be cautious, treat this like a drug with the potential to cause addiction at any moment and ultimately destroy your life. You got high once and it was good but…

  16. Hey — we’re all women trying to get by in this crazy world. We all have different paths. It’s so sad that women are the first ones to knock other women down and call them sluts and whores. Let’s love everyone, applaud their lives, encourage them and help them up when they fall. But don’t drag each other down. Clearly this article was written by a healthy sane woman.
    Sadly there are countries out there that would sentence this woman to death… but those countries also have brothers who will kill their sisters for “getting” raped. They don’t think they’re wrong either.
    Think about it.

  17. Awesome, awesome! I can’t judge you at all. I am a similar type of girl with a similar upbringing but I got curious one day and decided to try my luck at a strip club. In the first hour I made $500 cash from one guy who just wanted to talk. It seems too good to be true, but I didn’t go back. I didn’t even finish my shift. I took my $500 and left :) No harm no foul and you get to feel like you have a special little secret. Very fun.

  18. For all those people thinking shes not a whore-selling her body 4$!! well she is!! I got offered $3000, just to be taken up in the SKY (a plane) for a couple of hours to party with mr. pleasure, PLUS +shopping and whatever else i wanted!!, u see iknow this guy, where he lives, who/Wat he does, his friends…he got introduced to me by a guy friend of mine, his a hot 30yr. old…but GUESS WAT? im a girl(21) with morals and declined the offer!! hell NO i wouldn’t want my daughter or any family members to do this! there are consequences to your actions…I dont need to be fantasizing about this (4those who support diz)…i have my whole career in front of me, u see once ure friend isabella knows, trust me she’ll refer to u, then ure boi-f if there iz a potential relationship with him and u do tell him, he’ll be throwing this in your face all the time…it could escalate to worse, with the intentions to ruin ure career he can tell one of ure co-workers, trust me small world…u just dont know when ure risking it that way…i advice you dont do that ne more and dont tell dat guy &&if u do skip details like gettin money, for diz adventure say like “u met him online” other words lie to ureself at da same time just like u did in the first page (tryin to put it like ure not a slut covering ure ass stating ure a “gud girl”)!! JA LOL

  19. There is only a temporary window of time in which an opportunity to make this kind of money is available to a women. If she enjoyed the thrill of the elicit experience and the reward, why not pursue it? But be forewarned, all the encounters may not have happy endings. I will close with this, often used, famous quote from the biggest risk taker of them all: “Where there is little risk, there is little reward.”–Evel Knievel

  20. Good article true or not I found it interesting.

    Judgemental people need to take a step back and realize that their holier than thou attitude makes them look foolish. No one will agree with evrything anyone does. Live your life. Enjoy your fun and learn from your mistakes. You only get one shot at it.

  21. My stomach dropped when she said he had a gun! Glad she says she’ll never do it again! She got lucky with the fact that this guy was cute and sorta normal. Could have wound up VERY bad!

  22. oooooo you made Pretty Woman a reality!!! I, too, have watched it several times… wondering…
    I’ll bet there are a lot of ladies out there who are secrestly wondering… I admit I’m one of them. And no… you could never tell by how I look during the day. You might wonder if you see me at night though… and I’m not a “bad girl” either. Just still curious….

  23. My lesbian lover is a high class call girl. There are definitely some unique risks that go along with the profession, but she has been quite successful. My lover looks at it like this: Two people are making an honest exchange. Both parties leave happy, if it’s done right. I would do it too if I had the look. But, my boi-ish appearance and demeanor are not appealing to people who typically pay for sex.

  24. My lesbian lover is a high class call girl. There are definitely some unique risks that go along with the profession, but she has been quite successful. My lover looks at it like this: Two people are making an honest exchange. Both parties leave happy, if it's done right. I would do it too if I had the look. But, my boi-ish appearance and demeanor are not appealing to people who typically pay for sex.

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