I Was A Project Mannequin Contestant

Charlotte Russe's first ever style-off was fierce!
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shopping the rack

Of course, I thought I’d have an edge in the mayhem since I played intramural ice hockey in college, and know how to hip check. However, I’m also a huge klutz, and was worried about being buried under a sea of mannequins. But hey, bring it on!

 A little after 6:30 p.m. that same night, I arrived at the studio where the contest was taking place. It was mobbed. I met the competition–bloggers and editors from Ivillage.com, Nylon.com, Alloy.com, PoshGlam.com, TeenVogue.com, SheFinds.com  and more. This event was also being broadcast live on charlotterusse.com!

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 Some people were dressed up. Me, I was more concerned about being able to move and breathe, so I had kept on my Anna Sui peasant dress. After saying a quick hello to people, I immediately ran over to the clothing racks. I was doing recon! I had no idea how many outfits I’d be allowed to use on my mannequin, or if I had to dress it for a particular theme, but I wanted to get the lay of the land.

Looking at all the racks of Charlotte Russe clothing–they ranged from sexy, lacy nude dresses to jeans wear–I was sunk. I loved everything! Glancing around their “military glam”-themed clothing rack, I fell in love. There were the most amazing leggings I had ever seen. And I loathe leggings. They were sequined and done in a camouflage print in soft black, silvery gray and mauve.

 I didn’t care what theme I had to do, I was going to include them.

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0 thoughts on “I Was A Project Mannequin Contestant

  1. shopaholic says:

    sounds insane, and fun!

  2. uptowngirl says:

    Wow that looks like so much fun!

  3. nycblonde says:

    Hey, is that pink top for sale?

  4. NYCdogmommy says:

    She looks like she was smacked hard by the sweat monster.

  5. Yay heels says:

    Wish it was open to “regular” people!

  6. weetziebat says:

    What a fun time! I wish I could have done it!

  7. bsassy says:

    Sweet Fun! You look Gorgeous and I love your outfit! I voted ;) Go vote everyone!!!

  8. shopaholic says:

    Wish you the best of luck!

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