Ice Cream Grows Up

The many flavors of ice cream we knew as children have taken a change ... for the better!
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Ice Cream Grows Up

Amazing new tastes for the ice cream lover in you!

-Francine Segan, Betty’s food+home editor

Ice CreamEveryone from sweets shops to top chefs are scooping some amazing new and creative ice cream flavors and reinventing the classic ice cream sundae.

Los Angeles restaurants are serving some interesting flavors this summer like Jordan Kahn of XIV who makes mozzarella and jasmine ice cream; and Ramon Perez of Sona, whose amazingly interesting and surprisingly delicious tobacco ice cream and popcorn ice cream is a hit with gourmets.

Here are some more of my favorite new finds:

Robin's Sweet Shop

1-ROBIN’S, a sweets lover’s fantasy shop in the Berkshires of Massachussettes, serves Lavendar and Chai latte ice cream which are handmade expressly for them.

Mochi Bubbles

They also import, directly from Hawaii, Mochi “bubbles”, little golfball sized ice creams originally created in Japan. The outside is “mochi”, a delicate chewy sweet rice pastry surrounding a small scoop of ice cream. Musts include Japanese sweet Azuki bean, Mango, and Wasabi, for the adventurous dessert lover!

For more info on these unique ice-creams:

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