'I'm an Online Dating Virgin'

One Betty isn't so sure about trying to find love online.
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Online dating virginAfter admitting defeat, I asked Laurie Davis for some direction – as an online dating virgin, where do I start? A site like eHarmony would be too intense (and expensive) for me. I’m just looking for some casual dating fun, with people who are young, passionate, and willing to try something new. Laurie immediately suggested HowAboutWe.com, a site where members propose fun dates they’d like to go on and you decide whether you’d like to join them.

“The concept of HowAboutWe.com is based around getting offline,” Laurie told me. “You’re matched with others based on the things you want to do.” It sounded right up my alley – I went home and joined, proposing a picnic in Central Park as my first date idea.

And then, it was like the dating powers from above had heard I joined the online game – I got an event invitation the following day at work for DateBritishGuys.com, a brand new dating site for women wanting to find British guys in America. Had I just hit the jackpot?

I spoke to Ben Elman, the co-founder of DateBritishGuys.com to find out more about the site. Ben and his wife started it in April after they noticed their friends wanted a relationship like theirs – a British-American union. Through mostly word-of-mouth, the site has grown to include over 215 members of British men wanting to find American woman in the states, and vice versa.

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I had to ask Ben, why should I go British?

“British men are fascinated by American women,” he said. “We love the fact that American women go get what they want. We like the fact that they’re strong-minded and independent. We also really appreciate how much American women make an effort in terms of the colors that they wear, and I think women in America really appreciate the men that they have as well.”

Talk about music to my ears – British guys are not only well traveled and have hot accents, but they also like strong, independent go-getters with style. Swoon.

“You should definitely join,” Ben told me. Um, say no more, my friend! It took me approximately ten minutes to join – and another thirty of checking out the cute British imports in my area.

I am officially no longer an online dating virgin.

And, as these things go, now that I am on two dating sites, I figure I might as well be on three. I’m joining Zoosk today, to increase my dating pool by 50 million people. Oh boy.

I’m going to be documenting how all of this goes, right here for all of my dear Bettys. It’s bound to get pretty interesting – you won’t want to miss it.

Wish me luck!

Tell us: do you date online? What sites do you belong to, and how has it been going?

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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9 thoughts on “'I'm an Online Dating Virgin'

  1. I met my fiance through online gaming. Something to be said for getting to know each other a little before you even meet. I was even luckier because it was through a hobby we both enjoy.

  2. I met my husband on an online site. It was an “alternative,” dating site called alt.com. Not for the faint of heart, for sure…kind of like walking on the wild side. We did the usual chatting up for a couple of weeks then met at a local restaurant. Six months later, we got married at that same restaurant. We are coming up on our 3rd anniversary, and both of us are happier than we’ve ever been.

    The online dating experience for me was like going to a chocolate shop…have a taste of a few before you buy a whole box.

  3. I don’t think there is anything wrong with online dating at all. I know of a lot of couples (getting married) who met on dating sites. They can be overwhelming but that doesn’t mean they are ineffective. The stigma associated with meeting someone online is non-existent now.

    Here is a piece talking about the common dating sites available and the pros and cons of them. http://bit.ly/ahqOVe

  4. I have met couple of people online and have dated them. Honestly 80% of them are weirdos, and 20% are genuine good people that are looking for true love. I have used mainly Zoosk as my dating portal but too bad that you need Zoosk Coins on there. I mean, dating should be free!

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