Interview with the Vampyre: Betty Meets Father Sebastiaan of the Sabretooth Clan

Have you ever wanted to interview a real, live vampire? Because we did just that. Meet Father Sebastiaan of the Sabretooth Clan!
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Getting fitted

Me, getting fitted for my fangs.

Can you tell us more about the Virtues?

Not everyone relates to all of the Virtues in the book, but the core ones are Mystery, Love, Romance, Passion, Primal Nature, Immortality, and Transhumanism.


Transhumanism in particular is the concept of evolving the human condition through emerging technologies to eliminate or overcome current limitations—gaining, enhancing mental or physical abilities, and so on. If you look at the average person, they’re so seduced by the media, and television, and stuff like that, that people have lost their sense of self. I mean, we spend 80 percent of our day looking at a computer screen. A lot of what we do tries to escape that. We’re not escapists from technology in any way—but we try to realize that while materialism is important, being in the real world is also important. Being alive. It’s kind of funny that “evil” spelled backwards is “live.” The result is really an experience that is self-empowerment.

We list Vampyre Virtues as a self-help book—not a vampire book. A lot of people go to me, “It doesn’t have a lot to do with vampyres,” but it actually does. It embodies the spirit of the vampyre. I interviewed over a thousand of my clients over ten years, and the result was the book. All of these amazing people are brought together because they all love the aspects and mythology of the vampyre. So for us, the vampyre spirit is that: Crossing the boundaries of culture. There is no ethnic group or social group—vampyres can’t discriminate. It’s impossible.

So are the fangs the first step down this road?

It’s the catalyst, yeah. Ultimately, we are about our tribe. I live this to set an example, so that they can look at me and say, “Wow, I can do something extraordinary too.” Traveling around the world, making fangs—I’ll see someone amazing and I’ll feel their energy, and I’ll just say, “Come over here and sit down, I need to make you teeth.” I’m a normal guy living with epic proportions, simply because my mom told me I’ve got to live my life like I’m writing a book. I’ve got to have a story to tell.

So! Shall we do this thang?

Let’s do it!


Watch me go through the Rite of the Mirror and see my fangs for the first time here!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor. She doesn’t think vampires should sparkle.

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