Is Bristol Palin Mean Betty's Idiot Of The Week?

Who will it be... teen mom Amber Portwood, Audrina Patridge's stalker, or Sarah Palin's daughter?
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Is Bristol Palin Mean Betty’s Idiot Of The Week?

Who will it be… teen mom Amber Portwood, Audrina Patridge’s stalker, or Sarah Palin’s daughter?

-Mean Betty

Bristol Palin

This week’s idiots might make you want to go back to school for some higher learning, kittens. If you’re afraid of racking up more school loan debts, Mean Betty must advise you against reading this week’s roundup of harebrain celebs.

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You’ve been warned…

First runner up…

Bristol “The Exaggerator” Palin

Bristol Palin

Move over, Marie Antoinette. There’s a new queen in town: little Bristol Palin. And even though she’s still, against all logic, in the running on Dancing with the Stars, that’s not enough for her! She’s being victimized by “the haters who are out to destroy.”

She said it on her Facebook page, so it must be true! Can there be people who are out to destroy her “career”, to ruin her happiness, to…vote against her?

And while we’re about it, kittens, don’t you think it was just the tackiest for Bristol’s little sister, Willow, to use an anti-gay slur on her Facebook page toward a schoolmate who doesn’t like Sarah Palin’s Alaska? But there’s more! Bristol got in on the act, calling the unfortunate boy a “sh** talker.”

Classy! Sarah must be so proud!

Next runner up…

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0 thoughts on “Is Bristol Palin Mean Betty's Idiot Of The Week?

  1. weetziebat says:

    Yeah, Bristol and the Palin family are pretty tacky.

  2. lakers392003 says:

    Ok, how about the entire Palin family get a Lifetime Achievement Award? Why did Brandy have to go home? Sniff…

  3. sugarpie says:

    Is Sarah ashamed of herself at all? Clearly, these are not nice kids.

  4. missindale says:

    Sick to death of this entire white trash family.

  5. shaleeee says:

    Oh man….she is clueless…she doesn’t belong there…talentless fraud.

  6. delta6 says:

    The Palin family are all really trailer-trash opportunist. Why is that fat little pig whore Bristol still on the show – She can’t dance and has no talent in anything except getting knocked up.

  7. RubyTwoShoes says:

    I think Bristol just ruined her own “career.”

  8. Deni51 says:

    I agree with missindale – tired of this whole white trash family trying to force themselves on the American public. Can anyone really think that no-talent Bristol would still be on DWTS if not for her mothers connections? If this makes me a “hater”, so be it.

  9. hankie1 says:

    Is it any wonder?? With a mother who is hardly ever home because she is so busy trashing the U.S. And chasing the almighty dollar their is no time to teach your children what is right or wrong!

  10. vdub4 says:

    The Palins are awful. Except for Trig…poor baby. :( Wonder if he’ll ever know that his Mommy cut funding for people with special needs when she was Governor of AK for 5 seconds before she quit…

  11. littlequeenie29 says:

    Too bad they all don’t just stay in Alaska. I will never understand how this woman managed to get where she was in politics. Maybe there was some voter fraud in Alaska just like in DWTS. They are pretty women but beauty is only skin deep. They really need to back off!

  12. blondie8082 says:

    Wait a minute, part of this article is about domestic abuse in front of a baby and all you can talk about is bashing the Palins. Nothing they have done compares. Time to lay off your pointless Palin bashing and talk about some real issues such as teen pregancy, abuse, and MTV glorifying it all. Wake up people!!

  13. JackBQuik says:

    Sarah Palin is laughing all the way to the bank. Levi is the only one who told the correct story but retracted it after Bristol dumped him. You folks are right. This is rich white dumb trash. Bristol is doing the same thing that she accused Levi of – becoming caught up in the Hollywood glitz and glamor. Wonder if she thinks Broadway’s A Chorus Line is gonna come running to her door to try out — NOT!

  14. sunshine15 says:

    What is wrong with you people? Why don’t one of you tell me what the Palins ever did personally to you. Sure, let’s not worry about domestic abuse, let’s worry about calling Sarah Palin “white trash.” Smart.

  15. M_In_O_Town says:

    Well she was voted for 300 tinmes by one person on Dancing’s website…what does that tell you??? I think that’s wrong and unfair, just because she’s the daughter of a potential presidential elect running on the milf ticket.

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