Is Charlie Sheen Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

Who will it be...Charlie Sheen, Jessica Simpson or LeAnn Rimes' haters?
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Is Charlie Sheen Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week?

Who will it be…Charlie Sheen, Jessica Simpson or LeAnn Rimes’ haters?

-Mean Betty

Charlie Sheen

Vendredi heureux, kittens! All the silicone in Hollywood couldn’t block out the deafening noise of celebs acting kooky for Cocoa Puffs this week. Remember, pets, just because one is famous does not mean one is intelligent or sensible. In fact, in a city of idiots (we’re talking about sunny L.A.) all one has to do to attain fame is be the biggest idiot of all. Every week Mean Betty finds the top three over bleached, under read, bonehead nincompoops and brings them to you, her darling readers.

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First runner up…

Charlie “Naked Cocaine Snorting In Public Is Fun” Sheen

Does Charlie Sheen realize that it isn’t the 80’s anymore? Being found in a bathroom stall of a restaurant in one’s birthday suit with cocaine all over one’s face is so two decades ago. He was trying to have sex with his “escort” that evening Capri Anderson, whose real name is Christina Walsh. Her parents must be so proud because she charges $12,000 for dates with famous men. Too bad she didn’t count on Charlie not having her money.

A source told RadarOnline, “Charlie wanted to have sex with Capri and tried but she stopped him and demanded her $12,000. He didn’t have the money on him so she left him in the bathroom!” He’s a real class act, an ace, someone you want to bring home to your parents at Christmastime. After all, he loves snow so much.

Second runner up…

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0 thoughts on “Is Charlie Sheen Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

  1. Dear Betty,
    I’ll cast my vote for Charlie Sheen. Far be it from me to judge him but what gets my goat is that he doesn’t seem to be man enough to fess up. Just like Clinton; had he told the truth, people are forgiving.
    As it is, I cannot find it in my heart to forgive Idiot Charlie.

    I do have to say I disagree with you about Jessica. Having had an ex steal my house, clothing and furniture, I know exactly what she means. It is almost impossible to forgive some things. hisss…spit.

  2. What an idiot!! he needs to grow up. When will all the BS with good ole Charlie stop.This moron needs rehab on a permenant basis. Sad that this poor pathetic idiot will never learn.

  3. I can not stand this sorry poor pathetic b***ch she litterly makes me sick. She whined about Nick Lachey and she whined abou her ruined Barbie and Ken Birthday Party because Tony Romo broke up with her. Do me a favor Jessica stop your whining and get on with your life.

  4. it is so sad with Charlie…he comes from a wonderful family and has a hit show…not to mention all of the children that he has….for goodness sake Charlie…grow up and start acting like a real man and a real father…

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