Is Cheating Genetic?

There may be a gene for having a lot of hookups.
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Is Cheating Genetic?

There may be a gene for having a lot of hookups.

-Jane Farrell

Infidelity genetics

It’s too soon to say for sure whether there’s a slut gene or a hookup gene or a cheating gene, but there just might be.

What an excuse for infidelity that would be!

Unfortunately, it’s no joke: Researchers have found that that there may actually be a genetic cause for infidelity and promiscuity, according to a study published in the Library of Public Science. The experts, from Binghamton University, in Binghamton, New York, examined the link between a gene variation and people in their survey who said they had been repeatedly unfaithful and promiscuous.

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Lead researcher Justin Garcia said the study’s aim was to figure out the biological basis of some sexual conduct (or misconduct, depending on your point of view). “We already know that while many people experience sexual activity, the circumstances, meaning and behavior is different for each person,” said Garcia, a doctoral fellow in evolutionary anthropology and health.

“Some will experience sex with committed romantic partners, others in uncommitted one-night stands. Many will experience multiple types of sexual relationships, some even occurring at the same time, while others will exchange sex for resources or money. What we didn’t know was how we are motivated to engage in one form [of sexual activity] and not another, particularly when it comes to promiscuity and infidelity.”

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