Is Christina Hendricks on a Diet? Say It Isn't So!

Christina Hendricks of 'Mad Men' is reportedly trying to get rid of those beloved curves.

Is Christina Hendricks on a Diet? Say It Isn’t So!

The ‘Mad Men’ star is reportedly trying to get rid of those beloved curves.

-Faye Brennan

Christina Hendricks

Straight men, straight women, gay men and gay women all love Christina Hendricks’ bod. Sure, it may freak out her husband, actor Geoffrey Arend, who “thinks it’s odd” when women hit on his wife, but there’s no denying the fact that Christina’s curves are refreshingly sexy in the world of Hollywood where thin rules.

That’s why we’re so shocked to hear that the Mad Men star is apparently on a diet! According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Christina is sick of being referred to as the “curviest woman in Hollywood.”

“For her it basically meant she was being called fat,” says a source. “Now she’s gone against everything she believed in before by going on the first diet of her life. Christina’s cut out carbs, and alcohol, although she’s not a big drinker. She’s eating fish oil to break down fat and pak choi and edamame nearly every meal. She hopes the first stone [14 pounds] will fall off in the next month or so.”

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We think the collective response to this news is “Noooooo!” Please don’t do it, Christina! You are far from fat and those curves of yours are dead sexy! It would be a major shame if you lost them, and we know the majority of men and women would agree. (Daily Mail)

Tell us: do you think Christina Hendricks should lose her curves?

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Is Christina Hendricks on a Diet? Say It Isn't So!

  1. coming from a straight woman all I can say is she’s the sexiest woman in Hollywood hand down..loose those curves and she’ll just be another skinny boring actress.

  2. Christina Hendricks, as she is now, is an inspiration to every woman out there who has every felt self-conscious about her curves. If she begins feeling as though she is fat, and drops a bunch of pounds, a lot of women are going to lose the confidence that she instilled in them for being proud of who she is. I think that she is making a huge mistake.

  3. No! Don’t do it Christina! She is incredibly gorgeous, in a way that goes straight back to the glory days of Hollywood, before stick thin women became the norm and everyone began starving themselves. Women should not look like little boys, they should be curvy and gorgeous. Where’s the fun in being shaped like a boy, all flat and skinny. Please Christina, reconsider. For all our sakes.

  4. NO – DON’T YOU DO IT, SISTER!! You are absolutely PURRFECT as you are! You have single-handedly brought Marilyn Monroe glamour back to Hollywood. If it ain’t broke, (and it ain’t) don’t fix it.

  5. I guess she should do what she feels most comfortable doing. It’s the same for all of us; people may tell us we look great, but if we FEEL differently, that’s really what matters.
    If however, she’s changing her body to suit others, it’s just plain sad.

  6. Okay, I hate to be the one to say it, but… I read somewhere that she’s a size 12. Girls, there is an extremely large margin between a size 0-2 (yes, the girls who are usually too small) and a size 12. She has plenty of healthy room to fall into without losing all of her curves. It’s not healthy to be on the far side of either end of that spectrum! I also hate to say this but… it’s not curves that make a woman sexually attractive. It’s hip to waist ratio. She’s blessed with enormous boobs to make her look more proportionate (I know girls who get boob jobs so that they can eat more and maintain this balance) but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t maybe have some weight to play with while maintaining that! It’s not about looking like everyone else, it’s about getting healthy. We’re all humans, our bodies all function in basically the same ways, healthy humans are going to look similar.

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