Is Emma Watson Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

Or does the honor belong to Jon Gosselin's girlfriend or Jersey Shore's Angelina?
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Is Emma Watson Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week?

Or does the honor belong to Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend or Jersey Shore’s Angelina?

-Mean Betty

Emma Watson

It’s that special time, darlings! Time to crown the Idiot of the Week. Help Mean Betty choose!

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First up:

Emma “Sticky Tape” Watson

Emma Watson

Didn’t little miss gamine know her tacky double-sided tape would take all the attention away from the Harry Potter premiere?

Yes, Hermione, we have nothing better to talk about! Get a dress that fits, sweetums.

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Or perhaps should it should be…

Jon Gosselin’s Advice-Giving Girlfriend

John Gosselin and Ellen Ross

Kittens, Mean Betty WISHES she could make this stuff up. But who needs an imagination when we have the wonderful world of celebrities?

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Tell Mean — would you take advice from a girlfriend of Jon Gosselin? That is a question aptly posed by, and Mean Betty feels it’s one of the more profound questions of the day. According to the National Enquirer, one Ellen Ross has started her own advice column at, where presumably the rest of us can get pearls of wisdom from the 24-year-old paragon of intelligence (how else can one refer to a girlfriend of Mr. Gosselin?).

Oh and don’t think she’s doing it for any reasons other than pure good-heartedness! Ellen says: “I am not looking for any money, fame or profit from this at all.”

Well that’s a relief! And here Mean Betty though this was yet another grasp at the spotlight, orchestrated by fame-hungry, deadbeat dad Jon Gosselin.

After all, “sources say” Jon is planning to support himself and his bride-to-be (and, one would presume, his eight children) with the proceeds of his upcoming tell-all! (Mean Betty can hardly wait.)

And finally …

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0 thoughts on “Is Emma Watson Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

  1. Actually I love Emma’s haircut -it’s sophisticated and she works it. I seem to be in the minority, but I like it better than her long hair. I think she looked gorgeous. As far as the sticky tape goes – Emma obviously didn’t put sticky tape on her back herself. It’s her stylists fault and not that big a deal. If you must nominate someone for being idiot of the week related to the tape- nominate the stylist!

  2. I agree with everyone else – leave Emma alone. She is darling and hasn’t done anything wrong, except maybe pick the wrong stylist. Hmm, Mean Betty, maybe you should nominate yourself for Idiot of the Week for even including her on here with that other trash.

  3. The only problem Emma has is trying to look like a pixie or peter pan tom boy. The tape is not even worth talking about, and now I’m ashamed of myself for contributing to the tape discussion at all as a lame attempt to get attention. Oh, I guess that is Mean’s job, I vote Betty as the idiot of the week.

  4. Jon Gosselin’s g/f is an idiot!!! Emma Watson can make a mistake like that and should not have to worry about having herself raked over the coals. It is a little petty, I do agree with the person that said that before.

  5. How incredibly stupid and shallow can you get? Mean Betty can be the idiot of the week. None of this would qualify someone as ‘stupid’, but being so vapid just might.

  6. I’d hafta agree with the overall common census on this one, Betty, darlin!
    Emma could, pretty much wear NOTHING BUT TAPE, and I’d still want her! She’s a hottie, and who cares if she had a little wardrobe mishap. At least, she didn’t have some dude rip her top off and have her cha-chas come bursting out!

  7. Jon’s a sleazy, maggot-muncher! He makes even MY SKIN CRAWL! Poor Kate. It’s just like Cher says, “Some women get all excited over nothing, and then they marry it”!

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