Is He The One? Amanda Seyfried's Not So Sure

How can you tell if you've found your soul mate?
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Is He The One? Amanda Seyfried’s Not So Sure

How can you tell if you’ve found your soul mate?

-Carrie Seim

Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper

So Letters to Juliet star Amanda Seyfried is officially taking a break from boyfriend (and shirtless suitor in Mamma Mia!) Dominic Cooper, according to People.

Not much of a surprise, given her quote about him in this month’s Teen Vogue:

“A lot of people ask me, ‘Is Dominic the one?’ I don’t know, and I’m fine with that. Too much planning can lead to heartbreak. Love is great and possible, always, but it’s very rare to have the feeling that ‘I want to be with this person forever.'”

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On one hand, what a wise and reasonable response for a 24-year-old. She has too many years and too grand a career ahead of her to settle on a soul mate just yet.

On the other hand, sucks to be Dominic. (If he had blurted a similar response about Amanda, I’m sure we’d be decrying him as a heartless cad right now.)

But Amanda has a point. All our lives, we’ve been groomed to hunt for “the one.” We soak it up from rom-coms and love songs and Sex and the City and the Delilah radio show and our parents and Platinum Weddings and Crate & Barrel catalogues (which we all know are just a gateway drug to bridal registries).

Wouldn’t we be better off planning a quest to find ourselves instead of planning a lifetime with some imaginary man who looks good next to woven serving platters? As Amanda sagely warns, all that planning can only lead to heartbreak.

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14 thoughts on “Is He The One? Amanda Seyfried's Not So Sure

  1. I think she’s very grounded. It’s better to take your time and make sure the relationship is right for the long haul than jump into something that isn’t.

  2. I don’t think there even is such a thing as “the one.” I think there’s always someone else out there… But every day you stay with someone because you make that choice to work it out.

  3. I think Amanda’s comment just shows that she wasn’t really feeling her relationship with Dominic anymore, which is proven now that they’ve taken a break. Personally, I’m not sure yet about “the one,” but I like to think that I can find a person who complements me well, and will share life with me with the same goals and dreams. There can be more than one of him, like you say Carrie, but I hope in those ways these guys can be “the one” for me.

  4. Speaking from experience. Their is not a “One”. I would like to believe their is someone for everyone. I believe that “timing” in both individual’s life is where it starts and then it can evolve over time. Having a relationship is work and it takes lots of care and energy AND both people at the same “time” have to want it to work. Not just half hazardly and one-sided.

    Also, as a female, who has seen it all and been around the block, knows that their is no such thing as true love. Yes, love is important, but it takes more than just love to have a good and healthy relationship. Their is not a “One”.

    Kuddos to anyone who can keep a relationship going forever!

  5. I still don’t know how and if I’ll EVER find “the one” when I thought in the past I had found “the one”, “the one” turned out to be a d-bag..he wrote me poetry (which no guy has ever done before) and would come and get me when I was depressed….but like 3 months into the relationship…i realized he wasnt the one because the “honeymoon” period was over..i mean just felt fake…and then we broke was consensual but i still bawled my eyes out…honestly I think if and or when I find my true love…i’ll just know..there wont be any question or whether or not i love him…it will just feel right and i’ll just know :)

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