Is It OK To Date Bad Boys?

What does our obsession with Mad Men's Don Draper tell us?
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Is It OK To Date Bad Boys?

What does our obsession with Mad Men’s Don Draper tell us?

-Shari Goldhagen

Don Draper 

Those suits, that swagger, the smoking! Every woman we know has a crush Mad Men‘s bed-hopping anti-hero Don Draper. Even now that he’s shining his own shoes and paying prostitutes to slap him around, we’d happily join the line to mix his next Manhattan.

So what’s with everyone’s Sunday night obsession? According to one expert, it’s Don classic male qualities that make us swoon. “He’s the ultimate man’s man,” says LA-based psychologist Yvonne Thomas. “He comes off as confident, secure, and very powerful. It might be old fashioned but women are attracted to that—they want to be with someone who feels like a man.”

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Don is also a “project” that girls are eager to take on, according to another expert. Don’s thousand-mile stare and ever-changing origin only makes the girls want to unfasten his cufflinks even more, according to sex expert Ian Kerner.

“For all his bravura, he is a bit broken and needs to be fixed—his drinking and self-destructive tendencies lend to that aura,” Kerner says. “There’s a lost little boy inside all that confidence, and that little boy is playing upon the natural maternal instincts of the women he’s seducing. He’s a mystery to be solved.”

While all those mysteries and martinis might be appealing for an hour on Sunday nights, both experts agree ladies should steer clear of guys like Don and his merry Madison Avenue men when it comes to real-life dating unless they want to spend a lot of time starring at the ceiling after sex—if he sticks around after the cigarette.

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11 thoughts on “Is It OK To Date Bad Boys?

  1. I think also the idea of being the girl who “gets” him is a turn-on, because bad boys like Don Draper are a challenge. But, it’s not like they’re ever going to be a good guy in the long run, so it’s best to just love em and leave em!

  2. uh, yes? I went after the baddest, most wild, sought after, sexiest bad boy in town, and after many heartaches and a bad case of PTSD, he is all mine-with two kids!!

  3. I am the Bad Boy and what you have to say is just your opion my last relationship lasted 15 yrs and even though we had some bad times there were more good times and it ended on good terms and we still talk and see each other.Just be cautious and find out what he really wants, don’t dive in with your eyes closed. Women get me wrong a lot of the times and they are scared of me, when all they have to do is take a chance and sit down and talk to me. So the next time you see me walk by smile and say Hi. It could end up being the best years of your life. I’m single again

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