Is It Splitsville for Katy and Russell?

A source claims the stylish pair has a Lindsay/Sam kind of relationship.

Is It Splitsville For Katy and Russell?

A source claims the stylish pair has a Lindsay/Sam kind of relationship.

-Carolyn French

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

When Katy Perry and Russell Brand first zeroed in on one another late last year we were a bit concerned … and that’s being generous.

Now a friend of Katy’s tells The New York Daily News that the peculiar couple has settled into an unhealthy routine of fighting and making up.

The insider alleges that Russell is sick of his fiancé’s love of partying, and that Katy is growing more and more suspicious of the actor’s ability to remain faithful.

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“There have always been fights about other women − despite Russell talking about how much he loves Katy all the time,” the source noted.

Before appearing at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards Katy accused Russell of cheating (which is nothing new). The stars sat separately but eventually left the event hand in hand. (The New York Daily News)

Tell us: Do you think Katy’s gut is trying to tell her something, or has paranoia simply gotten the best of her?

Carolyn French is an assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Is It Splitsville for Katy and Russell?

  1. I see the cuteness in ther couple but im just telling yall out there it aint gonna work booboo!I love katy!Shes weird but cool!Russels just weird but i still love him!All we can do is see how it goes and take a risk.

  2. Russell has admitted to being a nempho…so if that is what she wants to deal with than that is the choice she makes….I for one would run the other way…

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