Is Jessica Alba Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

Who will it be...LeAnn Rimes, Kanye West or Jessica Alba?
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Is Jessica Alba Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week?

Who will it be…LeAnn Rimes, Kanye West or Jessica Alba?

-Mean Betty

Jessica Alba

Holla at Mean Betty if you’re happy it’s the weekend, kittens. As the wacky celebs head to their surgeons for last minute lip-injections for their weekend partying, the rest of us can take a moment and have a hearty laugh at their expense. To those of you who can’t afford some collagen, Mean Betty suggests attaching a Hoover to your mouth. That’s probably the way Snooki did it before she started earning the big bucks. Alas, we do live in a world where oompa looma-esque guidettes are famous, and that is why you need Mean Betty to provide you with some solace. And here it comes, pets. The contestants for Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week…

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First runner up…

Jessica “Good Actors Never Use Scripts” Alba

Just how many quality films has Jessica Alba been in, lamb chops? There was The Love Guru and Good Luck Chuck—both Oscar nominated, right? Jessica recently told Elle magazine, “Good actors, never use the script unless it’s amazing writing. All the good actors I’ve worked with, they all say whatever they want to say.”

Thank you for the insight, High Priestess of the Dramatic Arts.

All the writers in Hollywood will definitely want to work with Jessica now, seeing as how she just deemed their jobs completely useless. Perhaps directors are useless too, Jess? At least Mean Betty finally understands why Jessica’s acting is so tres terrible. She writes ALL her own words.

Next runner up…

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  1. You know I always thought that Jessica Alba’s acting resembled wood- now i know why.
    Lee Ann if everyone cheated, STDS would be waaay higher than they are now.

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