Is Mariah Carey Skeletor? "I Like to Feel My Bones"

Okay, Mariah Carey lost her baby weight, but what type of message is she sending?

Is Mariah Carey Skeletor? “I Like to Feel My Bones”

Okay, Mariah Carey lost her baby weight, but what type of message is she sending?

-PJ Gach

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Anyone who’s struggled with baby weight loss, or weight loss in general, knows how amazing it feels to hit your goal weight. Mariah Carey recently lost 70 pounds. She gained the majority of that weight during her pregnancy. How? By seriously giving into her cravings. She told People that she cooked big, hearty Italian and soul food meals throughout her nine months– and she didn’t think much about portion control.

She knew she was gaining poundage during her pregnancy, but wasn’t sure how much. “I didn’t want to know, because why would I want to feel that bad?” she explained to People. “I know it was a number that I never want to see again.”

After the birth of her twins, she dropped 40 pounds in water weight and used Jenny Craig to get rid of the last 30.

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Mariah does look great. In fact, she looks better than she has in a very long time. Anyone remember the red carpet photos where she and her girls looked like they were going to break every seam in her gown? And we totally get that she wants to boast about how fab she’s looking. However, running around stating,”I like to feel my bones” sends a layered (and wrong) message to a lot of women. In the People article, she’s quoted as saying, “I had, like, no bones for a while. It’s important to me to feel my bones!”

We may be going over the line here, but can’t most people, no matter what their weight, feel their collar bones? And, again, we may be a tad touchy, but why not use a better choice of words to describe how she’s feeling now?

Somehow, in our minds, using the word “bones” when describing weight loss seems to imply a physical state that’s closer to starvation skinny than healthy skinny. Saying you “can feel your bones” implies that the silly things like muscles, healthy fat and tissue are just un-needed accessories. It implies that being a size 00 instead of a size 4, 6, 8 or 10 is where it’s at. Hey, if you’re so skinny that your bones jut out, you know you’ve got it made. But there’s a point where there is such a thing as being too thin.

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Okay, maybe we’re being hyper-sensitive here. However, there are enough women and teens with body issues in this country that a statement like that can make someone step over the edge and become obsessed with losing weight.  In that state, you start to wonder,”how many pounds is enough? How thin can I get?” We’ve heard the horror stories about models and young women all over the world who diet so rigorously that  they’ve “thinned” themselves to death. When you’re 5’7’ and 76 pounds, you’re not thin; you’re not sexy; you’re at death’s door. 

Sadly, it’s easy to go from healthy eating to weight obsessed and end up with an eating disorder. Between stars looking too pretty to be real (how quickly people forget about Photoshop) and the pressure to look good– to be absofreakinglutely fantastic all the time– that the pressure on young women to be something unobtainable is furious and constant. And when a celebrity comes out with a remark like Mariah’s, it’s easy for young women of healthy weights to see how skinny and boney they can be.

We don’t intend to skewer Mariah for her weight loss. She followed a healthy plan and did it slowly and carefully. Unfortunately, though, there are young girls and women out there who  idolize Mariah and they’re going to latch on to the idea that you’re not thin until you “feel your bones” and try every method out there to be the next Skeletor– to the detriment of their physical and mental health.

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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