Is Red The New Blonde?

From Scarlett Johannson to Blake Lively, blondes are going red. So are they having even more fun now?

Is Red The New Blonde?

From Scarlett Johannson to Blake Lively, blondes are going red. So are they having even more fun now?

-Jackie Cascarano,

Blake Lively red hair

The old maxim ‘blondes have more fun’ has been challenged with this season’s crop of red hairstyles. With ravishing redheads popping up all over Hollywood, it would seem that redheads are stealing the show … and maybe even signaling a new sexual revolution?

Every day a new gorgeous celeb is debuting red locks, and most of them are former blondes. Blake Lively, Drew Barrymore, Whitney Port, and most recently this weekend, the stunning Scarlett Johannson, are just a few of the blonde bombshells dabbling in ginger hair in 2011.

Scarlett Johansson red hair

Why the red mania? Is blonde simply too 2010? We asked celebrity stylist Oscar Blandi his thoughts on the blonde-to-red trend.

“Red seems to be a great choice when blondes are craving a change. The reason is because it’s still bright and bold. It’s the shade before the color chart turns brown — that perfect in-between.” Blandi explains that going full-on brunette can often “be very emotional [for long-time blondes] and women tend to get depressed and go right back to blonde very quickly. With the option of red now, it’s still very eye catching.”

We at Lock & Mane have blogged extensively   on societal perceptions of different hair color and styles. The topic is a veritable minefield of feminine stereotypes. Whether we like it or not, blonde hair has historically symbolized a youthful sensuality, while brunette locks have been associated with a more mature, serious demeanor.  But where do redheads fall in the mix? With classic red haired icons like Rita Hayworth and more recently Julianne Moore and Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, it would appear that red hair equals brazen sexuality.

We turned to hairstylist Ludovic Audesson of the posh New York salon Pierre Michel to enlighten us.

“Red hair means sensuality and sex. Red means an attitude too, very confident, standing out, and making a statement.” We thought so.
He continues, “While red hair is very sexy, not everybody can wear it because of the skin complexion.  For an actress like Blake Lively, going red makes her more glamorous, and more romantic. Her eyes and  skin color pop more. She looks more womanly than the blonde, which made her look girly.”

Red locks are clearly the trend du jour and are a great way to change up your look if you’re blonde and fear taking the brunette plunge. But brunettes mustn’t forget that they too can indulge in this trend. Auburn highlights can be easily applied to almost any brown shade.

Tell us, are you considering going red this season? If you’ve played around with hair color before, do you feel like people treat you differently with each shade?

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