Is Your Kid's Baby Food Dangerous to His Health?

Yes, according to a frightening new study.
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Is Your Kid’s Baby Food Dangerous to His Health?

Yes, according to a frightening new study.

-Jane Farrell

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Most parents know the importance of making sure kids get enough exercise and eat nutritious foods. This issue is so important that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, has made it her cause to eradicate chilodhood obesity through her campaign Let’s Move.

But sometimes, even foods we think are good for children may contain substances that are harmful. The San Francisco-based Environmental Law Foundation tested samples of 146 products in juice boxes, bottled juices, and packaged fruit in the baby food and children’s food categories.

The results were astonishing: an incredible 125 of 146 products tested positive for enough lead to justify a warning label on the product under a California safety measure known as Prop. 65, according to the ELF. The products on the ELF list included both organic and non-organic items.

(In recent months other children’s products have been found to be hazardous as well: Best Friends bracelets sold by the Claire’s accessory chain were found to contain the toxic metal cadmium, and McDonald’s recalled its Shrek 3-D glasses because of cadmium in the paint on the glass. And Walmart removed Miley Cyrus jewelry from its shelves after it, too, was found to contain cadmium.)

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Because of the finding, the group sent the companies that manufacture the products, as well as the supermarkets carrying them, a notice requiring them to respond to the supposed violation, as Prop 65 specifies. If they don’t answer in 60 days, the group will file a lawsuit. At least one of the companies named has responded: According to a broadcast by National Public Radio, Varney’s, a supermarket chain on the West Coast, has said it will investigate the controversial products.

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  1. I wouldnt say this is a “good reason not to have kids.” Just more of a reason to make your own baby food and know where its comming from in the first place.

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