It's Official! White House Gate-Crasher Gets Reality Show!

Michaele Salahi is now a Real Housewife.

It’s Official! White House Gate-Crasher Gets Reality Show!

Michaele Salahi is now a Real Housewife.

-Jane Farrell

Michaele and Tareq Salahi

Seems as though sneaking into a White House gala has its rewards, after all: Bravo officially announced that Michaele Salahi, one half of the publicity-mad couple who muscled their way into a state dinner, is now a Real Housewife of Washington, D.C.

The latest addition to the popular franchise starts on Aug. 5, according to The Washington Post.

Accompanying Salahi will be four other (as Bravo says) “connected D.C. power players”:

* Catherine Omanney, a recently arrived British designer who, the Post says, once claimed to have made out with Prince Harry.
*Lynn Erkeltian, head of a “top” modeling agency in D.C.
*Stacie Scott Turner, a Harvard MBA and founder of a charity that mentors teenage girls in foster care.
* Mary Schmidt Amons, who’s active in fashion-related D.C. charities.

The network tactfully described Salahi as a model and founder, with her husband Tareq, of the America’s Polo Cup.

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The Salahis provoked a firestorm of attention last November when they managed to con their way into a White House state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. They even managed to shake hands with President Barack Obama. As a result, two Secret Service agents, who were checking guests’ credentials and identification, were placed on administrative leave, and the Salahis themselves were investigated.

Despite the shaky connections the five Housewives have with the Washington establishment, Bravo promises that they “are a compelling combination to explore the nexus of politics, society, and even race, as well as how the proximity to political power dictates where one fits within Beltway society.”

Yes, yes, all very worthy. But what we really want to know is: Who’ll be the first to flip a table? (Washington Post)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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  1. The couple owe millions of dollars to contractors, business associates etc., Looks like the only way they can pay people back is by being on this show.

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