It's The Holiday Season … Pig Out! (Or Not)

Women's Health has some great tips on how not to overindulge this holiday season ... too much!

It’s The Holiday Season … Pig Out! (Or Not)

Women’s Health has some great tips on how not to overindulge … too much!

-April Daniels Hussar


Wait … you mean we’re not supposed to just eat and drink like crazed wine-swilling piglets from now until December 31st, and then repent on January 1, flogging ourselves with our stretched out Spanx whilst making terrible, self-depriving resolutions involving Spin classes and a life devoid of real cream in our coffee (which, frankly is not a life worth living)? Hmmm. An interesting proposition … one I had time to mull over whilst sipping mimosas at a Women’s Health lunch the other day (Hey, mimosas have Vitamin C!), where expert Keri Glassman revealed some of her nutrition tips on “surviving the holiday season.”

For someone who is pretty much an “all or nothing” kind of girl, I find “moderation” the hardest concept to live by, especially when confronted with sugar cookies (yum!) and festive cocktails (double yum!). Generally around this time of year I’m in full-on indulgence-mode, having heralded in the season-o-sin with a healthy daily helping of “fun size” Snickers pilfered from my daughter’s Halloween stash. (Why are those minuscule morsels called “fun size” anyway? Isn’t it more fun to have the whole thing?)

I tend to use a multi-prong approach to justifying this behavior (to myself of course — I’m my own best critic), involving various factors such as: It’s cold and dark out! I love to bake! Christmas comes but once a year! I can wear long sleeves! The moon is in Scorpio, it’s a Tuesday, and I have new shoes!

 … in other words: Why The Hell Not?

Well, Keri presented some pretty convincing arguments for “why the hell not” — and also how the hell not to. (Though she never actually said “hell”. I’m paraphrasing.) She has a host of great tips here, but for me, the number one thing that stood out during her talk was the idea of being mindful. Having a game plan, if you will, for navigating the sea of opportunities to eat, drink and be merry.

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For example… rather than just accepting the first drink someone puts in your hand, tossing it down and then making your way to the hors d’oeuvres table to tipsily treat yourself (sounds familiar?), make a decision BEFORE you get to the party about how much you’re going to drink and eat. It sounds simple but think about it — how many of us just arrive and imbibe?

A few more great tips:

-Sip smartly. Don’t take in a bunch of sugar with your booze — stick with champagne and you’re golden!
-Arm yourself against the mall. Pack snacks for when you brave the mall. Brilliant! A handful of almonds will save you from the sweet, sweet temptation of 80 million calories at Cinnabon.
-Make conscious indulgences. That’s right — it’s fine to indulge. But pick your indulgences, and how much you’re going to indulge in them.

More great tips here.

What I like about Keri’s advice is she’s not judgey and deprivey (because then I’d be all whatever-pass-the-desserty). Her tips are about enjoying yourself without making yourself ill and depressed on January 1. No regrets!

April Daniels Hussar is BettyConfidential’s Executive Editor

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