James McAvoy, Rupert Grint + More: 15 Celeb Torchbearers of the 2012 Olympics

To kick off the Olympics, here's a look at some of the celebrities and famous faces who bore the torch this year. From James McAvoy to Rupert Grint, it's a star-studded list!
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Patrick Stewart

Sorry—Sir Patrick Stewart. Either way, though, Captain Picard of the Starship Enterprise is probably my favorite torchbearer of all time. Day 66!

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8. Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Wait a minute! Captain Picard AND the 11th Doctor bore the torch this year? My nerd cup runneth over! True, most of us Whovians have been hoping that David Tennant, AKA the 10th Doctor, would bear the torch ever since this episode… but Matt Smith’s bout with the torch on day 8 is pretty good second choice.

9. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

Admittedly, it would have been funnier to see Gordon Ramsay carry the torch on day 50 (and probably cursing up a storm while he was at it), but celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is positively delightful all the same.

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