Jamie Lynn Spears: Oops, She's Pregnant Again?

this article is about jamie lynn being pregnant again.


Jamie Lynn Spears Following Brit’s Footsteps?

Is she pregnant again already?

-Stephanie Elliot

jamie lynn spearsOK, the cliché Oops, I did it again is getting REALLY old when it comes to talking about the Spears girls, but did the younger Spears really DO IT AGAIN?

Get pregnant, that is.

Is she trying to follow in her sister’s footsteps by having two children back-to-back? The National Enquirer reports that Jamie Lynn didn’t know she could get pregnant while she was breastfeeding and is now expecting again!


What is she doing having sex anyway? She’s 17 for crying out loud! In my opinion, she shouldn’t even be having sex.

SOMEBODY SLAP THIS GIRL. No, wait. Somebody slap the mother of this girl. Speaking of Jamie Lynn’s mother, reports indicate that her mother Lynne Spears is “livid” with the latest news, which is really unfortunate. If only she had a more understanding mother. Maybe someone like, hmmmm …

… Governor Sarah Palin?!?!

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  1. who are you to say the age when people can have sex. It is people like you who keep the teen pregnant rates so high because we can not teach about birht control in school heaven forbid guess what they will have sex if the want to with or with out your permission lady so get over it at least she has the money to take care of her children get over yourself.

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