Jennifer Aniston Looking Hot on the Cover of GQ … Really?

Jennifer Aniston's on the cover of GQ and we can't decide if we like it or not. She's hot though!


Yes, Jennifer, You Are Hot

Does this seem desperate to you? Or is that unfair?

-The Bettys

jennifer aniston on the cover of GQHot on the heels of the recent “she’s uncool” “no YOU’RE uncool” battle of the magazine covers and Oprah appearances, we now have Jennifer Aniston smiling cheerfully on the cover of GQ wearing … a necktie.

Yes, she looks fabulous. For her age, for someone 20 years her junior, for anyone. But isn’t there something a little … weird about this? Is it unfair to say she’s trying too hard? Would we have the same reaction to any other gorgeous female celebrity in the same cover shoot – say Jessica Biel or Charlize Theron – unencumbered by the baggage of being the world’s most well-known woman scorned?

We’re torn, Bettys … on one hand, we’re thrilled Jennifer looks so great, is so comfortable in her body, and appears to be happy with her place in the world, not needing to conform to the expectations of coupledom and motherhood. On the other hand, something about this naked photo-shoot has an air of desperation, of trying to prove something to the world, to Brad, to herself.

And on the third hand, we ask ourselves … why are we so interested in this anyway?

What do YOU think about it? – Leave your comment below!

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0 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston Looking Hot on the Cover of GQ … Really?

  1. If I looked like that I would flaunt it too. I seriously doubt she is desperate. I don’t understand why everyone has to analyze everything she does. Ridiculous!!!

  2. Amazing this story appeared, I was saying the exact same thing about Jen’s insecurity to my friends yesterday. Seems like she’s trying to tell Angelina: “Hey, you’re not all THAT!”

  3. I am voting for number 3 — the problem is why do any of us care?

    On the other hand, congratulations, Jen, on the best body a bevy of trainers can maintain!!!!!

  4. Perhaps if she had spent as much time as she does looking for publicity her and Brad could have worked. Yes she looks good but she’s alone. Bodies don’t make good relationships Jennifer.

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