'Jersey Shore': This Season Is Getting Ridiculous!

Last night's episode of Jersey Shore had the wildest fight yet. Is anyone else totally sick and tired of 'Sam and Ron'?

Jersey Shore: This Season Is Getting Ridiculous!

Last night’s episode of Jersey Shore had the wildest fight yet. Is anyone else totally sick and tired of ‘Sam and Ron’?

-Faye Brennan

Sam and Ron

Ugh, finally! The most dysfunctional relationship ever caught on camera is OVER (for now, at least). I swear, If I had to sit through another episode of Jersey Shore involving Ronnie and Sam’s twisted, “fight all day, smoosh all night” relationship, I was going to rip my own hair out.

Thankfully, there was no makeup sex last night. Instead, Ronnie and Sam had a fight to end all fights — something I’m hoping they can’t come back from. There was bed-throwing, door-kicking, and streaming tears on both sides. At its climax, Pauly D, The Situation and Vinny had to intervene before Sam and Ron ripped each other to shreds. It was epic!

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Now, those that have been watching Jersey Shore know that Sam is not the greatest girlfriend — she’s frustratingly self-conscious, loves to pick fights with Ron, and is without a doubt a “stage 5 clinger.” She may give girls a bad name, but it’s not completely her fault. Ron cheated on her repeatedly in Miami and has said some heinous things that should never be said to a woman. You could say he created a monster.

Regardless, I’ve been on Team Ron (when Sam never gets out of bed and ditches her girl friends, it makes it hard for me to root for her). But after last night’s shenanigans, I’ve changed my mind. After their mega fight, “Single Sam” hit the club with the meatballs (Snooki and Deena) to blow off some steam and dance with boys to make Ron jealous. Can you really blame her?

But then, Ron just lost it. He stormed back to the shore house and ransacked Sam’s side of the room, destroying every single last thing she owns and calling her a “dog” the whole time.

Not necessary, Ron. And now, you proved you’re even more of a psycho than Sam.

I’m happy Sam left the house. True, she’s done some disrespectful things to Ron (anyone remember when she punched him in the face for talking to JWoww?), but I think he took it way too far this time. You don’t touch other people’s stuff, especially when it’s all the person has to call their own in the house. If Sam stayed after that fiasco, she would’ve lost whatever small amount of respect and dignity she has left.

The question now is, will she come back? And is Ron going to leave too in the next episode? We’ll have to wait and see, but I sure hope that this is IT for Sam and Ron, because JWoww, Pauly D and the rest of the crew are so much more fun to watch!

Tell us: what did you think about the Jersey Shore episode last night?

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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