Jimmyjane's Ethan Imboden: What Men REALLY Think About Women and Sex

Ethan Imboden, founder of Jimmyjane.com, gives BettyConfidential the inside scoop!
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BC: What’s the deal with foreplay – how can a woman make this more fun for her guy?

EI: Since conventional wisdom is that women desire foreplay more than men, most think of foreplay as being focused on her. If you’d like more foreplay, lead by example, incorporating more in your approach to your guy. Think more broadly and creatively about foreplay – don’t start when you turn off the lights, and don’t relegate it to the bedroom. Start with a text message in the middle of his day. Continue with a surprise under the table during dinner. Follow up with dessert in the kitchen, and finish before breakfast in the morning. Be creative, and you might be surprised by the response you get.

BC: What advice would you give to a couple who hasn’t tried sex toys in the past but is interested in experimenting?

EI: Start with a vibrator or other accessory that is aesthetically pleasing, unintimidating (read: Smaller than he is), and non-distracting (quiet) so that it’s a welcome addition to the experience, rather than an intrusion. Our ICONIC POCKET vibrator is a great starting point for many. Incorporate your new friend into one of your more typical sexual patterns so that it’s a flourish, not the focal point. Alternate who’s holding the vibrator so that it’s an inclusive experience for both of you, and actively guide his hands rather than trying to communicate everything verbally. This will be easier for both of you, and is a great way for him to learn what you like.

BC: What is one thing you wish all women knew?

EI: Know thyself. The more you know about what you enjoy, the easier it is to enjoy yourself with another.

BC: What do single guys wish their girlfriends knew?

EI: How cool they are when no one’s looking.

BC: What do married guys wish their wives knew?

EI: There’s more that they’d love to try, but they’re afraid to ask.

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0 thoughts on “Jimmyjane's Ethan Imboden: What Men REALLY Think About Women and Sex

  1. Hum, why are we afraid of casting out one last effort in recruiting men to stand aside every once in awhile and ask themselves to truthfully take a look at a couple of things, before going over the edge. Over the edge, implys exactly that, when becoming “involved” the more evolved man and hopefully women will hopefully want to know a little bit about the guy, before becoming romantically involved. She might want to know if he may be or is still in a relationship with anybody. Is he on his own, or still at home. So this way, both have an idea of how they can truly connect, rather than peruse the sex stuff, and become connected, but maybe for the wrong reasons. Thus having a different sense of the relationship, but with out all the energy being wasted on not really wanting to be in that type of relationship, but sex again plays a role here, as in obligating people to belive that now since people have become intimate, they now “owe” something to the other person. Sex is one of the strongest emotions that people are sharing, and it can become very confusing on many levels, unexpected pregnancys can occur, okay, maybe rarely, but not rare enough. True a good guy will have a condom, or a girl whos about to go to bed with a guy, will be on the pill, what perfect world is this? Men need to own their own sexual identitys in a world that is not only far from perfect, but imperfect in many cases. The candles and the wine, are fine, but what I am suggesting here is a pause to consider the person as a real and true person, not just something to zoom through and add as a bump in the night kind of sequence.

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