'John Carter's' Taylor Kitsch + 12 Hot Guys Who Have Been Stuck On Alien Planets

In honor of the release of John Carter and its delicious star, Taylor Kitsch, we've rounded up a whole bunch of hot guys who have been stranded on alien planets for you to drool ov
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6. Sam Rockwell, Moon

Sam Rockwell

We’ve got one guy who got stranded on the sun, so why not one who got stuck on the moon? If you haven’t seen Moon, by the way, you should; directed by David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones, it depicts a world where we rely on the moon (surprise) for our energy, rather than the sun. The only trouble is that in order for that to happen, we’ve got to have someone permanently installed on the moon. Who’s the lucky guy? Sam Rockwell, of course.

7. Martin Freeman, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Martin Freeman

Here’s one for the lovers of bumbling Brits: Poor Arthur Dent. What’s a bloke to do after his planet is blown up by Vogons in order to make way for a hyperspace bypass? Hitch a ride on an intergalactic spaceship with his best friend who just so happens to be an alien from a small planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse, of course! From there, Arthur just keep finding himself stranded in different locations: The Vogon demolotion ship, the Heart of Gold, Magrathea, and so on and so forth. Maybe it’s not so bad if you don’t technically have a planet to call home anymore?

8. Val Kilmer, Red Planet

Val Kilmer

Mars isn’t always a happy place. In fact, it’s frequently an unhappy one. Take the unfortunate space-goers of Red Planet, for instance. Crash landing on Mars with only a limited air supply ain’t a pretty way to go. At least they’ve got Val Kilmer (and Carrie-Anne Moss) on hand to help out, though.

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9. Will Smith, I Am Legend

Will Smith

True, this is Earth again, but I would argue that an Earth overrun by zombies—sorry, “Darkseekers”—is an alien planet indeed.

10. Keanu Reeves and Michael Rennie, The Day the Earth Stood Still

Keanu Reeves Michael Rennie

Although the 2008 version of The Day the Earth Stood Still may be another example of a remake that didn’t really need to happen (ever see the 1951 original? You should), but it’s still an interesting story no matter which version you watch. And hey, if Michael Rennie’s classic, chiseled, clean-shaven good looks don’t do it for you, then you’ve got Keanue Reeves to fall back on instead! Klaatu, by the way, ends up on Earth—but to him, it’s definitely alien, since he’s from a different planet entirely. Klaatu barada nikto!

Don’t miss John Carter, in cinemas on Friday!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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